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Fuck, that picture is horrifying.

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this is what the jews have planned for all whites

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Not if we kill them first, brother.

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Self sufficiency is a good start.

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Thats what the boomers are fighting to bring to america.

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The most useful idiots the jews ever found.

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Divide and conquer, yeah fuck the boomers the niggers and whoever else the jews have on their lists as human meat shields. save your hate for the real enemy, everything else is merely a symptom.

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you are so full of shit

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Just imagine how broken these men are. You would seriously have to kill me before I would let you shave my head and strip me naked.

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Words to live by:







No matter what, you fight with your life to stay off the bus or you die trying. You let yourself get hauled away on a bus/truck/train by government officials and you're pretty much fucked.

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Alexander Solzhenitsyn endured all that and lived to tell about it. Read his book "200 Years Together"

I think it is banned where ever jews rule, but you can find it online some translations are more complete than others

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Their heads are probably shaved due to disease. Lice, fleas, typhus.. whatever.

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Never give up your guns

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Gee, I wonder if Hitler was aware of this?

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He was well aware and many of the regular people in Ukraine welcomed the Germans as a liberating army. It is known.

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You are correct. People from Ukraine have told me this.

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What do you mean, the Jews committed their own Holocaust on RU?

A lot of people should be asking: Why all the animosity towards the jews? -Yeah, there's a lot of reasons. A LOT.

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The Jew will always tell you how he was persecuted, but never why.

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I have thought about this a lot. But growing up we never question it. The Holocaust happened as indicated, and that's that. Jews are oppressed and the victims of immense prejudice. We treat anyone who even asks a reasonable question about it like an insane person. Before they've even reached the end of the inflection, they've already been completely discredited and dismissed. Is there any other example of a historical event, wherein its denial would create such a problem for us?

But then you learn about these other genocides. The Bolshevik genocide of white Christians. The Aremenians. The Ukranians. And that doesn't even start to touch on the plethora of other historical atrocities.

But what stands out to me even more than the lack of their representation in Hollywood, is their absence from education. At no point in my Western K through 12 education did I once hear about any other genocides, save for what teachers often referred to as genocide involving Native American Indians. Only when they could isolate as evil the European white male.

This is such an obvious hole to me. For God's sake, even if you take the Holocaust story true-as-told, there have been worse genocides than the Holocaust, and they aren't even mentioned in schools. But entire curricula in history classes are based on the Holocaust, and most of the WWII history that is taught in high school has very little to do with the war itself, only the persecution of the Jews specifically. How people don't wonder about this is beyond me.

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The largest factor is if it paints Jews as victims then you'll hear about it. If it paints whites as evil then you'll hear about it.

If it documents the systemic murder and genocide of Christians, whites, and especially white Christians you will never hear about it.

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Same for me K- 12 no mention of any other genocides. We did have a 'reactment' in jr high social studies class where the 'green police' came in the classroom (played by older students) and took everyone book bags and screaming you have to get on a train .. fucking weird in retrospect laughable at the time. Funny thing though the day before that the teacher asked if any kids in the class were German and would they like to be excused and go to the library because it was going to be a lesson that is very very critical of Germans all because he didn't want this one kid to be sad.

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This right here is what pisses me the fuck off.

If you're going to teach one, teach them all. Anything else makes one think that there is something to hide, or an agenda from teaching said one.

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At the end of the day, humans are capable of atrocities to one another. Period.

The list is endless. Some we'll never even know about because they were wiped out. And it's not just the genocides but also atrocities that were committed during periods of invasion or expulsion.

Just about EVERY SINGLE NATION/ETHNICITY has committed/experienced some form of atrocity towards another. That one group gets to claim superiority over others is part of the lies we're told.


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Making the Holocaust look like a fucking picnic.

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Indeed, and because the holohoax never happend.

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If you were a prisnor, you woild want to be sent to the best prison ever. They had a fucking pool and a theatre...

As if you didnt know this already anyway just wanted to say

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Don't forget the brothel

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Someones watched the greateat story never told

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“Always accuse the enemy of what you, yourself, are guilty of.”

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Saul Alinsky "Rules for Radicals." The fine art of projection.

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Also seek out "SJW's always lie".

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Remember people, it was Soviets who did this. Who were the Soviets? jews. It is said that sixty to one hundred million Russians perished under the jewish rule.

Have the jews made any reparations for (((their))) crimes?

As for the "holocaust" here is a famous quote, "But Normie how could there be so many survivors if so many died?"

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Totally. 19 million of them. I mean, there weren't 19 million Jews in the world then and there barely are that many now but the entire soviet union was totally Jewish.

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I sense sarcasm. Russia was mostly white Christian; the Bolsheviks and cheka death squads were mostly Jewish. Read your Solzhenitsyn.

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That's what reality starvation looks like, not typhoid and hungry.

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That's what happens when the means of logistical supply is cut off in total warfare during wars of attrition.

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The gulags were not cut off from supply, the Jewish Bolshevicks were starving them on purpose. You are thinking of the WW2 German camps.

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