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Received an email from my California City stating they are having a meeting to discuss "Equality in housing". Translation: We are now working on placing low income families in all of your neighborhoods. Because everyone deserves equal housing. Forget that you paid top dollar after scrimping and saving for years. Joe loser needs to feel equal to you.

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"Joe" Loser?
You mean Tyree$e and $hantayy Loser?
Jose and Pedro Loser?

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Shaniqua, Javantae, Gampy Tyrese, their son Tyrone and his band of merry friends. They have parties on the street where all the dudes roll up in black pickup trucks with the same logo on the back. Having been a victim of violent crime from a homeboy, Let's just say it's terrifying to me.

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Great, so even more people gonna move to Texas and jack up housing prices ever more.

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Or Colorado. We're so fucked.

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Not me, I went East towards the open farm lands of my birth state. Looking for safety.

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Is California going to pay foot thr bill to put immigrant in your neighborhoohd ot just take your housing. Either way you loose. You loose because you probably paid a ton and will have to sell at a loss to stay safe. The immigrants get preferred housing at reduced or no cost to them. High cost to the taxpayer. California is broke and will continue mo borrow. The will have a blowup for the next census trying to prevent any questions anout citizenship.

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California passes all their costs onto us taxpayers. They are corrupt and fraudulent. When they get low on OUR money they start forest fires so they can grab Federal Funds. It's heartbreaking this has been allowed to happen all these years. We vote and they cheat to fix the outcome. Wish I was uber wealthy because I would sue both California State and the Federal Govt for letting this happen.

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No, that's for the vagrants.

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At first glance I thought the eyebrows were actually the bear hanging from a spit.
Now I'm dissapointed that they weren't.

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I thought it was a log shoved up it ass coming out its mouth

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That's what a spit-roast is....

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Yep I live here and it's a total shit hole. Dirty fucking spics everywhere popping out their shit children everywhere and were paying for it all. Goodbye modern civilization. Spics are literally fucking ogres in my mind.

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They really are

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Fucking move retard

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Says the half breed living on his parents couch

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CA took a hard nose dive right after a Bill Clinton appointed "activist' judge ruled that the voter passed, prop 187 was unconstitutional. Grey Davis (D-CA Gov) at the time, did nothing to challenge that ruling... thus CaliMexico or Aztlan to be exact!

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I love how the judge ruled California is powerless to enact their own immigration laws when it might block people from moving into the state but at the same time courts keep ignoring California having their own immigration laws when they let everyone in. Generally state laws can't be more lenient than federal laws but can be more strict.

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This goes excellent with a comment I made earlier! I think National Socialism was a lot better than the "socialism" of today and the communism back then. The standard of living for European with only Europeans seemed to work especially for the Third Reich but could never work with other lower IQ turd world countries shitskins. America had the right idea with Democratic Republics unfortunately minorities, millenials, boomers and females seem to want to destroy or "fundamentally change" America and our Constitution. It seems more and more of America keeps voting for the gibzmedats and unfortunately it seems our idea of a Democratic Republic wasn't foolproof. I'd prefer the National Socialism of Germany compared to where we're headed as a collective. :?

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This time it was more efficient than Rome.

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I grew up in California and watched as my State Government gave away my future in that state. It really is a sad sad thing when your own family members support the giving away of your heritage. Then they move to Nevada when it starts to suck too bad. They caused it then move away then keep voting progressive liberal in the new state. They are like locusts.

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Keep Section 8 Housing out of your neighborhoods. Do so at all costs.

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