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Did you guys know that most populations have been against immigration for decades now? As in, the large majority of people are against immigration, but they don't know they are the majority, so they don't act like it.

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Or maybe they do but it doesn't matter?

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Yellow jackets incoming in 3...2...1...

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Well if you have the peoples families as hostages , I'm sure I could get a bill to pass too.


If you know the people counting the votes, of course you can pass anything.

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Ethno masochistic morons determined to destroy Europe

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They are wussies

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Belgium is mostly Muslim now, right?

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Islam in Belgium is a minority religion and the second largest religion in the country after Christianity. The exact number of Muslims in Belgium is unknown but various sources estimate that 4.0% to 6.5% of the country's population adheres to Islam. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam_in_Belgium

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AH thanks, you made me look it up. It is Brussels that is becoming a majority Muslim. Not the whole country.

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People still thinking all of this gets turned around without violence?

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