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A person who is unacquainted with the devil might wonder why they (Jews) are so particularly hostile toward Christians. They have no reason to act this way, since we show them every kindness. They live among us, enjoy our shield and protection, they use our country and our highways, our markets and streets. Meanwhile our princes and rulers sit there and snore with mouths hanging open and permit the Jews to take, steal, and rob from their open money bags and treasures whatever they want. That is, they let the Jews, by means of their usury, skin and fleece them and their subjects and make them beggars with their own money. For the Jews, who are exiles, should really have nothing, and whatever they have must surely be our property. They do not work, and they do not earn anything from us, nor do we give or present it to them, and yet they are in possession of our money and goods and are our masters in our own country and in their exile. A thief is condemned to hang for the theft of ten florins, and if he robs anyone on the highway, he forfeits his head. But when a Jew steals and robs ten tons of gold through his usury, he is more highly esteemed than God himself.

Martin Luther - 1543 AD

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Based Protestant.

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The Jewish people fell from the heights because of their faithlessness and condemned their Redeemer to a shameful death. Their godlessness has assumed such forms that, for the salvation of our own people, it becomes necessary to prevent their disease.

Besides usury, through which Jews everywhere have sucked dry the property of impoverished Christians, they are accomplices of thieves and robbers; and the most damaging aspect of the matter is that they allure the unsuspecting through magical incantations, superstition, and witchcraft to the Synagogue of Satan and boast of being able to predict the future. We have carefully investigated how this revolting sect abuses the name of Christ and how harmful they are to those whose life is threatened by their deceit.

On account of these and other serious matters, and because of the gravity of their crimes which increase day to day more and more, We order that, within 90 days, all Jews in our entire earthly realm of justice - in all towns, districts, and places - must depart these regions.

After this time limit shall all at the present or in the future, who dwell or wander into that city or other already mentioned, be affected, their property confiscated and handed over to the Siscus, and they shall becomes slaves of the Roman Church, live in perpetual servitude and the Roman Church shall have the same rights over them as the remaining lords over slaves and property.

-Papal Bull, Hebraeorum gens ("The Jewish Race") 1569, of Pope Saint Pius V, which expelled all Jews from Papal states

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Crying out about morality and the evils of oppression while they abuse and oppress the Palestinian people and create an apartheid state.

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The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.

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Crying out about morality and the evils of oppression while they abuse and oppress everyone and create an apartheid planet.


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I had never even heard that Jews were Christ-killers until a Jewess accused me of accusing her of being a Christ-killer.
Then, on reflection, it made sense. Jesus was the first anti-Semitic Jew; telling anyone who would listen how to live profitably without being possessed by vengance, or driven by hostility and spite. The endless-war people had to kill him.

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No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other, Ye cannot serve God and (((mammon.))) Matthew 6:24

The god of money, Mammon, is consistent in action. Selfish, deceitful, usury making something from morning is Mammon's favorite toy. God is the only one who can truly create ex nihilo, out of nothing.

The jews know their shit is fake. They know they will crumble under a true test. They hate Christ because Christ says he is the Truth and the truth fears no inspection. God or money. Christ or debt slavery. Truth or lies.

Important to remember the context of the above verse. The (((Pharisees))) were using the temple to sell 1 "holy dollar" for the cheap cheap price of 3 regular dollars. Jesus flipped their tables over.

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Jesus flipped the money changers tables over and Martin Luther nailed the 95 thesis of the Catholic money changers on the church door. Ergo, the Beautiful Protestants.

Now we need to live up to their examples and be better men and women, pushing our CHILDREN off drugs and the whores of society, forcing them to become educated and moralistic and true.

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In the bible it was clear that Pilate, the roman governor, was going to cut Jesus loose. The Jews got up in arms and to prevent a revolt Pilate had Jesus executed. So yes, the fault of his crucifixion falls equally on Rome, and the jews. For this queer dear to say otherwise is the usual crying out in pain as he strikes.

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I would only blame Rome for being a dangerous empire to run afoul of. Blaming it for this crucifixion is like pushing someone into the path of a train and blaming the Santa Fe Railroad for the gruesome death.

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What a bunch of bullocks. They were happy to send Jesus to the cross. Their teachers rejoice in saying that they were the ones responsible for Christ's crucifixion and now it is a symbol of oppression?

They have no shame.

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Do you mean bollocks (balls) or bullocks (animals)? Genuine question.

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Can't say XD I used the british word but both spellings are correct so I didn't research on each. But what I meant is "This is crap"

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Jews view everything differently than other people. Their perspective on history is terribly slanted. They can only see themselves as the chosen people, even though a jew claimed that thousands of years ago. They made up stories about oppression in Egypt, a 40 year trip to get to the "promised land", and continue to this day to claim superiority and cry oppression so that they can take advantage of the weakness that others expose when they show empathy. Everyone else is to be harvested for whatever jews can get from them, as slaves or as marks. Focusing on a Christian symbol is nonsense, as it just reinforces the self-centered jew outlook on existence.

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Jews are bound by their Covenant with their god, which they all believe to be real, to destroy the Christian religion. Don't believe me? Read Exodus 34:12-5 in the context of chapter 34. They are bound, by their god, to destroy the altars and sacred images and groves (read: economy) of the people of the lands they inhabit. That means the Christian churches.

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Jews need to understand that the star of david rempham is a demonic symbol used to worship the idol god of child sacrifice.

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The false god of the Jews is a demon. Originally he was a mountain god. Some of the Gnostics called him Yaldabaoth. He called himself "Jealous." He made a satanic pact with the Jews that in return for perpetual and exclusive worship he would give Jews all the lands of the Earth, and the peoples of those lands as servants. But a condition of this pact, which Jews call their Covenant, is that Jews must destroy the religions of the foreign lands in which they settle themselves (see Exodus 34:12-5). Jews don't get a choice in this, they are bound to do it by their Covenant.

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Vampire Hunters must understand that for Vampires the Cross is a symbol of oppression

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Jews must understand that they are oppressors and must be EXTERMINATED

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