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America not paying illegals money they dont deserve isn't Mexico paying.

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I don't care who pays, build the damn wall.

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Secure our borders, whether that means a physcial barrier or drone strikes, Security is Security.

With that, our borders must remain pro-US citizen..like right now today, you can reenter the USA without identification on your person, because agents see everything about you if you tell them your information so they can look you up. They might detain you briefly to investigate you (longer if you're a prick), but they cannot deny a U.S. Citizen entry into the country. That could be letting you go on your way or handing your felonious ass over to the police, you'll be on U.S. soil again in no time.

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It's getting to a point where round em up and get rid of them is the only thing that will work. That or destroy all the public schools in LA County while the kids are inside. No one decent has their kids in public school here. If you can eliminate the next generation of fat, rude, useless grifters that's something.

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Read my fucking lips. There will be no wall.im sorry

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The wall pays for itself in months. Build the fucking wall.

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Close enough!

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Agreed. It'll be a one off too because once the wall is built, it's built, and only needs to be maintained and monitored for a few hundred million a year, maybe a couple billion. Chump change for protecting your country from invaders.

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the wall pays for itself, ill gladly accept the tax money transfer to the wall.

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Too bad to hear about his suicide .... those alligators can just sneak right into your bed at 3AM and know how to break locks.... such a shame.

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I heard he fell and his gun shot him the back of the head with two bullets!

Such a tragic accident.

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Bullets? I heard he strangled himself to death with a banana peel.

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It is wonderful to hear all of the really cool bills that get introduced when there is not going to be a snowball's chance in hell that they actually get passed. Remember how many times congress voted to repeal and replace Obamacare when they knew that it would not happen. Same shit going on now.

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My thoughts exactly, this is kabuki B.S. from a lame duck with two broken wings.

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Exactly. "Oh, we don't have any chance of repealing Obamacare? Let's rail against how terrible it is and we'll make something better." turns into "Oops, we won despite trying to lose? Well, looks like we failed to plan for something better than Obamacare. And we don't want to replace it anyway. So let's fuck around for a few years and lose the next election so nothing will ever get done."

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Agreed. Inhofe knows exactly what he's doing. Now that the Demos control the House, there's no way it's going to pass. He wants to look like a hero while he's really just a typical slippery politician.

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At least he's raising the issue. What else do you want him to do?

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How about raise it last year when something could be done? We need to start primarying these these people out and get some real firebrands in. I'm sure that he is a nice enough guy but intentional or not, he is too late.

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Illegal aliens get tax credits? How does that work? I thought they had to steal someone elses SSN - the IRS actually sends refunds to the stolen SSN filers?


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Yep, taxpayers are literally paying for the children of illegal aliens filing fraudulent tax returns.


We're living in upside down world.

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61 million illegals filed tax returns yet the claim is there are only 10mil (low-est) to 40mil (high-est)?


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This is why they name their oldest kid the same name as the same-sex parent. So Paco Jr or Luz Jr. If you know families that do that, good chance it's so mami and papi can steal Jr's social and ruin their credit before they come of age. As always: don't be nice. And report, report, report.

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Some of us like to call it clown world.

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Someone should ask Rand Paul why he doesn't bring things like this up.

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Tallest_Talmud, even though you're an omega piece of shit, I'll thank you for posting that link about illegal aliens and the IRS.


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Jew Shill ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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Half of all births in oregon and washington are paid by the federal government. They get free education, healthcare, food stamps, you name it. They weren't supposed to be on medi-cal either but it turns out, California wasnt checking. Whoopsie. So there you have it.

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https://youtu.be/xfoQHcU3MyI Here is an interesting video on the topic I watched a while back.

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We need a bill to cut off illegal aliens access to welfare and tax credits? Wtf has happened to us?

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just wait another two years when we get the D...

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Also tax or seize the wire transfers back home

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Perhaps it should also cut off their foreign aid and block remittances.

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They will complain that this isn't Mexico paying but - it's good enough. Just build the wall!

In reality, Mexico will pay for it when the money stops flowing across.

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