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Is that one right thing dying?

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Look, Fox News is the supposed "right" network. They have leftists on every day, ALL day long and into the early evening. Their prime time has 3 maybe 3.5 conservatives. Some of the folks they present are very flawed, Coulter is on that list, same with Mark Fuhrman who they never mention is a convicted felon. Of late Judge Napolitano tells us every day Trump is doomed. Tucker seems to have more leftists on than anybody on MSNBC, you have to get CNN crazy to have so many leftists on in an hour, well except maybe AM Joy.

Hannity according to Q couldn't schedule his own guests, they were bumped with short notice. So which of our conservatives on Fox News controls their content? My guess is none of them. Tucker sounds great, Hannity may be the most sincere conservative at Fox News, but he let management control his content without public complaint.

We really have no source of conservative speech, except maybe on radio or some youtube and alt media sites (even here). Fox News like Ann Coulter is faux conservative imo, and this is increasingly not hidden. They want us to know, it's shoved in our faces. Yet we ignore the insult and keep hoping for something better next episode. Time to move on, out of MSM altogether. Really did anyone at Fox, any conservative, spend an hour going over France? How about what is going on in Rome, in Germany, in London, and elsewhere in the EU. Fox is part of the great EU blackout. France 24 English was live broadcasting a NY Knicks NBA game (first time ever to the best of my recollection) while Paris was burning. Go to youtube and see live streams of Paris on fire, go to France 24 English and watch a basketball game in Manhattan. Come on, it's laughable.

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Website not working for me. Did it say the only thing he did right was not invading Iraq?

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The "HW" era was the beginning of the GOP's "cower in fear" tactic to promote conservative issues, and they've been getting their asses kicked ever since.

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Coulter is B.S. she tossed Trump and conservatives under the bus during her Oxford Union lecture. She plays to whatever audience is in front of her. The Oxford Union video will help anyone who thinks of Coulter as supporting anything conservative to rethink their belief. She's just a media whore and will play whatever part necessary to garner favor from an audience.

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No, she criticized him for NOT doing what he had promised. She does NOT play to whatever audience is in front of her, quite the opposite, she's the most loyal to her principles that I know of (after me).

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Calling Trump out for his failings somehow means she's not a conservative? She points out that he campaigned on 3 things: End of the migration horde. End to job-killing trade deals. End to globalist wars.

Trump has successfully fulfilled zero of it so far. There were other fun things that he promised too: like getting a special prosecutor for Hillary, or creating term limits for members of congress. Almost nothing that he stumped on has been done.


What did she say that was unreasonable?

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Trump wasn't elected dictator, Coulter knows this. Before Fox News she is all pro Trump, before Oxford Union she detests Trump. She plays to her audience.

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Obviously you didn't listen to her Oxford Union speech. Show me where she "detests Trump". She criticizes those who endlessly squawk "3-D chess" to excuse his lack of action on the wall, she criticizes limp-wrist apologetic Republicans, she thinks the wall is more important than tax cuts. She says "he could be the greatest president America ever had" if he fulfills his promises or "destroys the country" if he weasels out of building the wall. Also the audience was not at all friendly to her views.