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I propose we ban the yamika in Israeli schools to be more sensitive to the surrounding arab community and to fight islamaphobia

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As a side note....

The yamika is just a man made tradition, anyway. If Jews would follow the Torah like they are SUPPOSED TO, they wouldn't wear a yamika.

"Jews" that follow the Talmud are not Jews. They just say they are. They are the synagogue of Satan.

The yamika is talmudic. Trash.

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"Where is my Jew cap?!?"

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Spell it right you anti semite. It's yarmulke. Just like it sounds.

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. #OpenBordersForIsrael

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Just want a make a counterpoint to your name. The idea of liberalism is to challenge tradition IE conservatism. It is not inherently evil. But the communists wear its flayed skin like a mask saying. Hurr durr were liberals. Communists only seek the destruction of the existing order and supplanting it with there own and to create a slave fiefdom like they do in every country they get ahold of.

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"This outrageous three-page memo by Principal Sinclair was not based on ignorance of the law but hatred toward Christianity and Christmas."

She's a Jew. They will keep taking more from us until we stop them.

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Quality work Needlestack.

Hey Jennifer I want to ban the Holocaust being taught in school. OK?

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Every time I see my state on here it is always about shitty Jewish propaganda. Thank god it is in the Eastern half of the state but still.

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Also thank God, they actually shot her down.

The district responded, admitting it had “investigated this matter and determined that principal Sinclair’s memorandum did not comply with board policy.”

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Impressive 5th post for a 1.4 year old account.

1,200 yard shots between two grain elevators on 400 acres halfway between Alliance and Hay Springs is how I spent most of last winter. Wish I was still there.

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That's some serious lurking...lol

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As an Omahan I'm disappointed in the local (((chosen))) community.

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You must feel guilt and shame for all you have done White Christians! How dare you build the greatest civilization the Earth has ever seen!! Don't you know your success is hurting the feelings of every other group of people on the planet?!? Shame & guilt. Guilt & shame. Success is the devil. Non-human goy. Now, you must bow to the Synagogue of Satan or burn in the lake of fire for eternity!!!

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No Christmas allowed, but "holidays around the world" totally acceptable.

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...and putting a 15' tall Menorah on City Hall's front Lawn is "OK" with them also!

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what, are you an anti-semite?

Jews putting menorahs in public places is like a dog peeing on a tree. Both are methods of marking territory.

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Remember when NPCs were all like, “There’s no war on Christmas. We still like all the secular parts of the holiday.”

I wonder what the preprogrammed response will be now.

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In protest the children should wear foreskin necklaces to school and heil Hitler.

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Jew Shill ^^^

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