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All the more reason to suck it up and stick together, it pisses some liberal off. My personal experience, unless your partner is violent, stay. In 10 years, you will fall in love again. Good times come and go, but they usually return with nostalgia. Besides, nobody will be as understanding as your first spouse.

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Been with my wife for almost 20 years, met her when I was 16 and she was 18 and well, I got her pregnant. Things have been very very very nasty at times but we have stuck through the entire time and like you said we fell in love all over again and we are more in love with each other in the last 5 years than we have ever been. Takes a lot of work to get to this point but I wouldn’t take it any other way. Also got my vasectomy reverses and we are working on a third kid currently.

Word of advise for people who want to keep things good, easy on the alcohol or better yet avoid it all together. Took us a while to figure that out

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Alcohol ruins everything

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Divorce CAUSES Income inequality

My ex wife is living off of my child support and doesnt have to work as hard thus accepts a lower income at her shitty job.

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It’s disturbing how many women I’ve met that are just like that. I’ve known two personally that were on their third husband with a kid from all of them collecting child and spousal support. One of them is now looking for her fourth victim and took the last guy to the cleaners, fucking bitch is doing better than me and just sells stupid crafts and shit.

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It seems that divorce also causes wealth inequality then.

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Study performed by Philip (((Cohen)))


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Now that gay marriage is a reality, divorce tribunals are collapsing because they are unable to resolve lesbian divorce cases: they’re trying to figure out how to give 75% to each woman...

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Those wypipo keep doing things to make themselves happy and financially secure. Das racis!

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Liberals are throwing shit to see what sticks , but , we are handing out red pills out disguised as participation trophies.

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Well what type of person would be upset at the fact that they're not married??? Hmm

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Strong and independent, ... and pissed off that married women have nicer things than they do. Dammed patriarchy strikes again!

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Divorce lawyers cry. It's a racket.

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