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This is why Teddy Roosevelt was right, break them up.

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Ben Shapiro is not a fan of Teddy R. He said he would've been against the trust busting. Tucker Carlson schooled him though.

Jew's gonna Jew.

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Carlson brought up the high suicide rate and Shapiro shuffled nervously. Seems there's more to life than cheap shit.

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Capitalism is great.....in its honest form.

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If you want to witness that, you're going to need a real holocaust this time around.

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Holocaust means "Burnt Sacrificial Offering".

substitute the word in your head when you see someone using it. In Parent's case, ask yourself who he would be making this burnt sacrificial offering to in order to have pure capitalism. Pretty sure the christian God isn't asking for burnt sacrifice, and is compatible with pure capitalism.

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This is its honest form, it's based on exploitation.

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No. It's supposed to be based on individual honesty and fairness.

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No it isn't. Some people use exploitation as a cheat to get ahead. The ability for consumers to take their business elsewhere (part of what OP seems to be addressing) is what keeps exploitation in check.

Capitalism works fantastically until some rig the game.

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Kike detected

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Perhaps I'll make a post someday about secret combinations mentioned in the Book of Mormon. Basically though, it's about as sinister as it sounds, and there are many parallels in today's world. If anyone cares to read about it, you can start with the Wikipedia page.

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Your title is communist propaganda. The problem is government favoritism and corruption, not capitalism.

Government interference, backdoor funding, and lobbied-for-loopholes is what is destroying the economy and the small businesses, not capitalism. Real free markets with competition do not kill the small businesses, large businesses with government funding and protection do.

Prime example: Amazon. It got a deal for 300million a year to provide computing services for the government. It is using that money to undercut every small business by selling things for less than anyone else can, and then using government shipping loopholes to also undercut them on shipping. Without the government funding and loopholes they could not do this.

Get the damn government to stop messing with the free market and it will thrive again.

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It's not my title, I posted the source. Just saying.

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Title needs a lot of work, as does that wall of text. It is spot on though.

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I like the 2 little "/r/awww upvotes" you got. The juden got kerphlempled

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It was always a jewish trick to call communism capitalism.

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The jewish version of capitalism involves usury, flooding the market and nepotism.

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Point 16 from the 25 point plan of National Sociaism: “We demand the creation of a healthy middle class and its conservation, immediate communalisation of the great warehouses and their being leased at low cost to small firms, the utmost consideration of all small firms in contracts with the State, county or municipality”

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I like the emphasis on small.

As in... You know, NOT Google/Amazon/whatever gobbling up everything and fucking everyone over.

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A lot of the ceo's and mega businesses owners are communist.

Capitalism is actually preventing them from owning everything as fast as they would like which is why they've been pushing for communism and higher taxes on themselves.

It's a VERY good trick that many people arent able to see through.

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They want the government to own the means of production?

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The government = Themselves, so yes.

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A lot of the ceo's and mega businesses owners are communist.

Because they're Jews. Still, it's good to see that some people understand this concept.

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Yep, this is what I was thinking. They are "seizing the means of production" using fiat currency.

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Andrew Jackson sold the Western frontier to pay the debts and kill the banks. Most of the country is federal land. You see where this is going?

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