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This is treason. Plain and simple. If the police and courts and military want to keep guarding and protecting the traitors then its soon going to be time to be done with the lot of them and reform something better from the ashes.

1775 was when the army was founded. You shoot the tyrants first and figure the paperwork out afterwards.

[–] antiliberalsociety 1 points 10 points (+11|-1) ago 

If our guns were put to use, there wouldn't be much government left.

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Exactly as the founders wanted it.

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The second amendment, like the first amendment was meant to actually be used

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Amen brother

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Don't threaten me with a good time!

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Their base is a bigger problem. Take note of who they are as they may be your enemy at some point.

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elaborate please :) ?

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Now lets see it get past the Senate. Tough luck retards.

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Don't forget SCOTUS. They're OUR backstop now...

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Also, good luck getting Trump to sign it into law.

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He rolled over on bump stocks and made a "take the guns first" comment that got (Feinstien) all moist.

We need to call our reps and push back hard against this. Don't count on Trump.

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There will conveniently be a giant mass shooting done by a lone Wolf hwhite guy right as it's about to hit the Senate and won't you think of the children.

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Special K will do gods work or we will send them all to god and then hold re-elections.

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We got a real bad ass over here

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No need to file as 501-3c for a church to be tax exempt; same should apply to our 2A rights. We need a huge class action against any Democrats who try to usurp our constitutional rights — esp. because an armed populace is the only reason we even had an election in 2016. If we weren't armed they would literally have installed Hillary.

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Well the house democrats won by ballot stuffing for 3 weeks after the election was over and they will get away, no shots fired.

They could have easily just installed hillary

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When is the DHS Election Fraud report due out? It's hard to believe we're going to let all the Orange County seats turn blue weeks after the election with 120% of eligible voters voting.

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We need a huge bolt action against any Democrats who try to usurp our constitutional rights


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I want my national conceal carry to pass to the Senate. It's going to die. Bastards.

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Ultimately, the Constitution protects that right without any permit requirements in the same way churches don't have to file 501-3c status to be tax exempt.

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You don't require a permit to carry. Read the Constitution.

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Tell that to a cop while they are tossing you in jail. Otherwise, I agree.

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I lost my gun, a friend found it, I said "ah, you keep it" ,"we'd have to do a background check otherwise".

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Need to ban niggers, " gun violence" would drop by 80% along with rapes and other violent crime.

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When the government begins tracking every single gun purchase they'll know where to look when the confiscations begin.

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They can "plan" hyperlight space travel and any other fantasy they want but they don't even control ONE branch of govt...much less the two required to actually pass a law.

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