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These are the exact same people who will tell you that overpopulation is killing the earth.

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Global warming will make the ocean rise

Buys multiple $20 million dollar beach front properties...

Everyone needs solar panels for green energy because it is efficient

Has zero solar panels on beach front property....

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Solar panel are amazing and cheap. It's night time power that's expensive.

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They are beating around the bush. They say that to discourage white population from breeding. Meanwhile food aid and welfare ensures that the savages breed like rabbits.

What they want is to demographically replace white people with mudskins in order to eliminate racism. This is the real truth behind cultural marxist progressive movements.

It is a realization that white people existence will always prevent equality. It has nothing to do with the attitude of white people itself... think about it, if pretty blonde white girls continue to be born, how can Shaniqua and his ugly hair, ugly nose, ugly mouth can ever receive equality? She will always be a victim of racism because every men knew that the white chicks are prettier.

Race has always been an inherent caste system and social hierarchy. Even jews and liberals know this. Do Epstein, Biden, Raniere, Weinstein, etc prefer white little girls, or black little girls? There is big reason why blonde colored eye little girls fetch the highest price in every black market. Yep, everybody is racist, the only difference is whether you are honest, or you are a hypocritical liar.

Indeed, the only way to eliminate racism is to make races with lighter skin went extinct. If everybody is mutt, equally low iq and equally ugly, then that is utopia for socialists. Miscegenation is promoted because "aryan qualities" IS racist, its mere existence "hurts feelings."

Sometimes, it is harder to demographically replace certain group of people, but still, you can discourage them from breeding just as well, eg. Japan. Even China tried the one child policy and even laced milk with melamine to kill off babies. The goal is to increase % of human races that look like chimps in comparison to human races that doesn't look like chimps. That is the harsh reality. Yes, the only way to achieve true equality, is to make every human look like the ugliest gorilla possible and as dumb as the dumbest gorilla possible.

Yes, this also means that the only way to stop fat people from getting their feelings hurt is to encourage obesity. Since getting them to exercise, as we all know, is impossible for these lazy slobs. The only way to stop trannies from getting their feelings hurt is to promote gender replacement surgery in children. And so on. This is WHY leftist/egalitarian thought is extremely dangerous.

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replace white people ... in order to eliminate racism.

Thats like eliminating Jews to eliminate antisemitism.

This is the real truth behind cultural marxist progressive movements.

No, it isnt. Theyre attacking whites because of capitalism, not because of "racism". Racism is the pretext to attack capitalism. Theyre not attacking whites in communist Bulgaria.

Marxists never change course, they just change the disguise. Today its racism, tomorrow is global warming, but as they say "the issue is never the issue. the issue is always revolution".

Commies need the US to collapse so they can say "look, capitalim failed" in countries all over the world. The existence and the success of the US the last 150 years has given hope to oppressed peoples in every single commie country. Only after this beacon of freedom and hope has been extinguished the commies can scream at their slaves to go back to work and have them comply without an uprising.

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So every white person needs to kill 1 jew, 1 nigger and 1 beaner to counter their plan to exterminate whites.

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I can't afford to start a family, and that's all I really want to do right now.

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You go ahead and make a white baby. I will personally crowdfund you. God bless!

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This is what we need. White people starting a fund to help white couples have white children.

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Thanks for the well-wishes, but I need to make my own way.

I'll get there eventually, starting a business with another Voater.

Life is hard, but I'm pretty certain I'll eventually succeed, or end up dead.

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Do you at least have a wife to start off with?

Me personally, I can easily afford to start a family, but I need to find a good wife first.

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In the digital age, 80% of women are after the top 20% of men; if you’re not in that top 20% you’re invisible. Likewise, if you don’t already have the money to start a family, you’re invisible. If you don’t believe me, just do a search on “where are all the good men”.

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I got a girlfriend who seems like serious wife material.

Why do you not have a wife, rich man?

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Well I'm rooting for you, and I'm sure a bunch of other Goats are too!

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Do it you can afford it. They tell you that you need all that consumer stuff. bull shit have kids.

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Well said. You just make it work. It's actually not as expensive as they make it out to be. Not at first at least! They get more expensive later on!

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I feel like Tucker didn't really drive home the obvious contradiction. "If Americans are too poor to have children then how will importing more poor people who also won't be able to afford children solve anything?"

Instead he was saying 'why doesn't anybody care that Americans are too poor to have children?'

He got in an argument with this libshit about which demographics are more worthy of feels and compassion when he should be driving home the fact that it makes no fucking sense either way.

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Both arguments are good, but Tucker's approach actually defends the American people. Maybe yours wins the debate, but winning the bigger battle is saving our people, not just convincing an asshole he might be wrong about immigration.

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This is how you win the bigger battle. Leftists always frame the discussion so you are arguing through a subjectivist lense, because as soon as you passively accept their premise you've automatically lost. It just becomes one opinion equally valid as any other opinion.

Objective truth to a leftist is like sunlight to a vampire. Argue epistemology, point out the flaws and contradictions, watch as they scramble to pick up the pieces. It's the only way. I debate leftists daily.

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You can argue with a jew all day, pointing out the contradictions in their side. The next day they will insist they won the debate.

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Because sadly that line of argument leads to "white people will always want to be established before they have children, whereas spics are willing to have five kids in a one room apartment, rolling in their own feces and not care." That won't fly on TV. There simply isn't any way that doesn't lead to a racial question that no one will ever address.

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Good point. The spics are right on this point just shit them out like our European fore-bearers did

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Good Points

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Americans don't have kids because they expect their kids to live to the standard they did or better. Imported poors don't have that problem.

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Technically, the imported poors also expect thier kids to live better than thier standard... it's just that being here instead of where they came from already accomplishes that.

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"I can't afford another child" said no Mexican in America ever.

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'who gonna pay fa ma cheeldren', said Shaquila....

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Because we are too informed to vote for these people.

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Pretty sure a lot of people want them all dead. I know I do

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Democrats want more Mexicans because they vote Democrat.

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Neocon RINOs want them for cheap labor.

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If you’ve ever watched an old rerun of Columbo, you’ll understand Tucker Carlson; and that’s not a bad thing. In short, Tucker uses a method of faux-naïveté to expose the evil of these people.

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Nice one.

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Americans aren't reproducing in sufficient numbers

Not sufficient for what exactly?

100 yrs ago, the US population was at 100 million, now it's at 300 million.

Great Britain built its empire with a population of max 20 million.

For what purpose exactly are 300 million people not sufficient today?

Not only does the population not need to grow even further, reducing it back to 100 million would free up massive ressources per capita.

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Americans haven't been having kids for a long time. Back in the 50's our country had about 1/2 of its current population. Immigrants breed much more than the natives.

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It's not sufficient for their current Social Security ponzi scheme. And the (((investors))) who demand that the numbers go up and UP AND UP!


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