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Lol. This is going to be good.

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It’s already good!


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It's great to see the white working class stand up for themselves, hopefully they'll be able to guillotine every globalist. "The yellow vest movement is spreading through Europe. The mostly working class protesters from France, have already seen their protests spread to Belgium’s Flanders and Wallonia. But now the Dutch have announced protests and people will hit the streets in the city’s of Nijmegen and Den Haag (The Hague), the Post Online reports."

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Police are afraid.

Police are outnumbered by citizens by about 100/1

Sure half of that 100, 50 are either too old, to young or too feeble.

Another 25 of the remaining 50 are fat and dumb.

That still leaves 25 dudes like me for every pig.

Math does not favour the communist pig.

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Those Police have families and they are in the same boat. they go to work and leave their families unprotected. easier to be on the protesters side at this point.

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Police in America are some of the highest paid and yet they still do things like seize cash and property to make more. I can't imagine the police, let alone the police union, siding with citizens ever.

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So...., when times are good the pigs are safe to protect the crooked politician

When shit hits the fan the pigs get to switch sides?



Pigs get paid very well to burn to death.

Fuck their family too.

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"MUH AR-15 wont stand a chance against the nuclear armed military!"


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But their nukes are legit, didn't you know?

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Pigs are people too. There are some who are trash, but many sign up to wrangle scumbags and clean up the streets. We need pigs who actually give a shit and are allowed to do their job, instead of the "hands off" approach that is being encouraged. Niggers are running the streets and the pigs are fed up.

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Many of them also learn and get red pilled along the way, people do change.

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Police have elevated themselves, through the efforts of their unions (read communist) to where they are now above the law.

Every day I read or watch how some scum pig takes someone’s life because he is a blood thirsty coward.

Pigs are not people.

Pigs are pigs.

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You give them too much credit.

Never feel sorry for people, it's bullshit.

Everyone has made their choices, now they have to live with them.

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So is it true that you guys are finally standing up and want the shitskin moslems invaders removed.

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Don't warn him. Just do it.

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You’d have switched sides already if you had the guts.

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March on Brussels, then you are talking.

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Brussels got burned to the ground back in November already my guy

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Stay tuned, mon frère.

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Is there no help for the French police?

something crafty is going down ;)

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Burn him the public square , heat up some water and sugar then pour it on his genitals , do not use the guillotine unless the blade is dull and requires multiple drops.

Sincerely, America

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Why the sugar in the water

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For taste. . .

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Adding sugar/salt increases the boiling point. When you raise the boiling point, the water can become hotter before turning to steam (which is why you add salt to pasta water)

The sugar will become sticky and will attract flies. Pour it on their genitals and the flies will swarm, literally eating away at the flesh

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Higher boiling point = hotter liquid.

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Syrup is burnier than water

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sounds like they want a bigger cut of the extortion fees.

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