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Native Americans that lived in a bountiful nature

Grossly incorrect, you've bought into the "Nature-loving Native Americans" meme. The Native Americans, whom I will call Indians from now on for simplicity, of what is modern-day United States and Canada numbered less than a few million. For reference, Denmark's population in the dark ages was roughly the same, and Denmark is only about half the size of South Carolina, which is only roughly 1% of U.S. landmass. Statistically, before the settlers the U.S. was practically uninhabited, there was less than 1 person per square mile of land. Almost all of them were nomadic tribes, only a few creating semi-permanent settlements that they would occupy for a few decades before moving on. The Indians had no concept of conservation or permaculture. They would move into an area, deplete the available resources and pollute the soil and water with their wastes, then move on to fresh terrain. They were parasites on the land, not the "benevolent protectors" they are falsely portrayed as.

There's all sorts of stupid myths attributed to the Indians:

  • "they taught the settlers how to build canoes". Europeans have been making canoes, kayaks, and other small watercraft for millennia, try again.

  • "They taught the settlers to fertilize the soil by burying fish to help grow plants". Again, Europeans have known about fertilization for millennia. Also we would use animal dung (dung from herbivores is not a bio-hazard like human waste or waste from carnivores), spoiled food, and plant clippings, things that would otherwise been unusable, not fresh meat. Who the fuck would go through the effort to catch a fish, just to bury it in the dirt to fertilize the soil, in order to grow crops that have less nutrients and calories than the fish you caught in the first place? A culture that has no concept of conservation, hunts and fishes more than it can consume, buries the excess meat cause it's smelly and attracts wild animals, and discovers that the grass growing over the mound is healthier than the surrounding plant life. They never made the connection that fertilization can be done with any organic substance, not just fresh meat, until Europeans showed them.

Also, your bit about "then whites came in and hunted animals to extinction...blah blah blah whitey killed the environment". Europeans are very conscious of nature. To live in a permanent settlement, you have to be. If you deplete your land of resources and pollute it, you can't live there anymore and have to move on like the Indians would. Europeans knew of permaculture, and the dangers of over-hunting and over-harvesting. Europeans colonized and settled new lands for that very reason. When populations would spike from time to time, the excess population would move out into new lands instead of sticking around and exhausting the resources for everyone else. However, the (((industrial revolution))) was an unprecedented change in our lives. Our populations grew at an alarming rate, faster than we could comprehend. We did not adjust our level of consumption to fit the growing population, which resulted in the excessive depletion of resources. The Jews who by then already had a foothold in American business and media encourage this new wave of uncontrolled consumption. We gave in to our baser instincts, and allowed ourselves to be corrupted by the Jews. And now, American mammonist consumerism has spread around the world, where the nonwhite hordes have taken to it like a moth to flame, and our European brothers have been ensnared by it as well.

But our inner natures fight back against this corruption. European nations are the leaders of global environmentalist movements because we recognize the dangers of unrestrained consumption. The Africans are too animalistic to understand higher concepts like conservation, they consume mindlessly. The Arabs understand due to their native climate but simply do not care, as their culture is fixated on their spiritual beliefs of life after death, thus changing your life to benefit future generations makes no sense to them. The Asians understand as well, but believe that destruction is inevitable, and seek to harvest what they can before it is all gone. The Indians (old world kind) are like the Africans and Arabs, either not understanding or not caring.


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Nice work. I hope this understanding is taught in schools one day.

It's only recently that fags like this got slapped enough by folks like you to drop the Indians-had-horses-before-the-Europeans-turned-up myth.