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Because it used to be a nation of honest white people. Degenerate cultures were allowed to infect our once great institutions and everything went to shit.


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This cannot be stressed enough! We're turning into Brazil here!


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The future is favelas.

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Because it used to be a nation of non-Jewish people. Not saying they weren't present but they certainly didn't have the power necessary to do anything.

The goyim will be the slaves and beasts of burden for the jew. That's their goal and their purpose. That's exactly what they've made us, their cattle. A hundred five ears ago they got their federal reserve and the ability to print our money on loan to us. They tried many times in the 30 or so years prior to that and kept getting shut down. They've been farming us with ever increasing efficiency ever since.

Communism is the most efficient method to farm the productivity of men. It's why they push so hard towards communism. There are communists (the farmers) and there are the victims of communism (the farmed), and every commie is a jew in some manner.


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It’s never been about white cause whites sold us out. It’s funny how white ancestors sold us out. Keep blaming niggers, sand niggers, don’t ever blame sell out whites.


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(((Whites))) sold us out. ftfy.


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Ok John Wayne Gacy