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It's said that when you want to have an understanding of the future, look to the past. With this in mind I look to what our forebears did when they declared their independence from the Crown.

There was an estimated 2.7 million colonists living here when the Declaration of Independence was drafted. Of those 2.7 million, there were only 58 signatories. Those 58 men had drafted a list relatively short list of grievences. 37 grievances to be exact.

While I agree that violence must be our last resort. I must ask, were the founding fathers more justified than we are today, when they told king George to kick rocks? I'd argue they had less justification than we now have today.

Do you think they'll politely vacate their seats of power if all we've got to back up our words is our limp dicks? We all know they won't.

How hard would it be to have an armed march on Congress with a similar declaration of no confidence? I'm sure we could list a great many more grievances than they did.

It is not only the right, but it is the duty of the people to cast off a despotic government and replace it with a new one that better suits us...

Idk... you're a military man, yes? How much in provisions would it take to lay siege to the capitol building for a period of time no less than 3 months with a small fighting force of about 10k or so men?

These are just a some things I think about when frustrated..

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Very well done. Thank you.


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Well laid out and reasoned. Good job Goat.

On the other hand, there is one other niggling option (((they))) avoid all discussion about. The option for mutually Assured Destruction- the ultimate lose-lose scenario.

As strange as it might sound, Game Theory actually favors some kinds of Lose-Lose scenarios and M.A.D. is such a rare case, because it turns into an increasingly likely stalemate the longer the game lasts. And in the case of extermination or enslavement of a people, stalemate is a win for the side that originally faced an extermination threat.

So how do you do it? Steal global extinction weapons (not as hard as popular culture would indicate), make your own (when it comes to bio weapons this is highly plausible though requires an extreme level of ruthlessness to perfect that most people wouldn't have stomach for), or proxy violence an Armageddon (get traditional enemies with MAD capabilities to initiate MAD of their own accord).

The only thing the enemy cares about is itself. Take away the possibility of the enemy's survival and the whole game board changes to your advantage.


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