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[–] lexsird 3 points 24 points (+27|-3) ago 

The men of the west have been emasculated by the jew and their propaganda campaign against them. Those with enough balls to do something are too old to cut the mustard of waging a fighting revolt.

It could still be done, but you can't do it alone unless you have extensive electronics and chemistry knowledge. You'd still need some resources to get and build what you need, but if you're ruthless enough to do what is needed, you could secure the resources you need.

Home made drone bombs would be the ticket. Imagine an Antifa crowd raising unholy hell. You go observe their treason and decide to send to their location via your modded smartphone a series of drone bombs until they're all blown to bird food bits.

Sure it was glorious and commie fags died, but the jew media will just turn it to their advantage as they brainwash the country hard core from the event. You just did more harm than good.

People aren't going to get out of their comfort zones to go wage all out bloody warfare against the system. They have too many distractions to turn away from the horrors of what has to be done.

You have to upset their comfort zones to the point they have to wake up and find out WTF is going on. This is far easier than you can imagine with infrastructure so delicate.

Ask yourself what is it that we have to have? Electricity. Without it, western civilization ends. Gasoline and diesel are next, without them, everything stops moving. Everything but trains and those are antiquated and not fit to serve the needs and they are even more vulnerable.

So there you are, you've reduced the entire country to chaos and ruin. People freak out because they no longer can make a living, the food has stopped coming in. People are fighting in the streets for groceries. The population centers evacuate to the countryside and destroy more in trying to feed themselves.

Congratulations on destroying what you wanted to save. You just became worse than jews, your cause is now evil in the eyes of everyone in the history of ever. You suck.

Back to the drawing board.

"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent." - someone wise.

There are civil measures that can be taken to make changes. People used to get out in real life and organize, march and hold PEACEFUL protests. You can recall politicians that don't serve you. This takes 'boots on the ground' ground work because the tech sectors are all jew/enemy controlled.

Cut the cable, throw the TV out because it's all jew controlled. Even Fox News is controlled opposition. Boycott any product or service advertised on TV. Starve them out. Repeal laws that's let them turn into propagandists. Repeal laws that let foreign nationals own any of our media. Strip the ill gotten power from corporations via representatives that you hold accountable.

You have to collectively get off your asses and take part in the full contact sport of real life politics. A few words and clicks on social media aren't going to cut it.

This is how they win. We're collectively too lazy to do the right things to the point that violence looks like the only solution to the ignorant, stupid and desperate. Violence is what they want and they will get it if they have to roll an invading army across our border under the guise of 'immigrants'.

All that shit I mentioned above, all the hellish shit that can rain down? Don't think for a minute that in this massive movement of shitskins coming across our border there isn't elements that can make that happen. If I can think of it offhand, you know they can think of it as they've been lying awake nights dreaming up shit to do to us.

All they had to do was watch TV after 9/11 as we showcased all the vulnerabilities of our nation for ratings in their 'Scare TV'.

(((They))) have enough Traitors and Invaders to work us over hard if we don't bow to their whims. Let's not help them destroy us. I think there's a serious shit storm coming our way, we don't have to kick one off ourselves.

Hit the gym, the range and get ready. Be prepared and have a plan. I hope I'm wrong.

I don't think it's about control anymore. We're already subjugated to hell. They control both sides of the political spectrum and that includes your precious Trump. They're fucking with our kids and we're taking it. Kids are being subjected to demonic crap and we don't move. You can't be more docile than that. This is about destruction.

But don't worry goy. Trust the plan, even when the lights go out and they're raping your family. Trust the plan. lol


[–] Hey_Sunshine 0 points 8 points (+8|-0) ago 

It's said that when you want to have an understanding of the future, look to the past. With this in mind I look to what our forebears did when they declared their independence from the Crown.

There was an estimated 2.7 million colonists living here when the Declaration of Independence was drafted. Of those 2.7 million, there were only 58 signatories. Those 58 men had drafted a list relatively short list of grievences. 37 grievances to be exact.

While I agree that violence must be our last resort. I must ask, were the founding fathers more justified than we are today, when they told king George to kick rocks? I'd argue they had less justification than we now have today.

Do you think they'll politely vacate their seats of power if all we've got to back up our words is our limp dicks? We all know they won't.

How hard would it be to have an armed march on Congress with a similar declaration of no confidence? I'm sure we could list a great many more grievances than they did.

It is not only the right, but it is the duty of the people to cast off a despotic government and replace it with a new one that better suits us...

Idk... you're a military man, yes? How much in provisions would it take to lay siege to the capitol building for a period of time no less than 3 months with a small fighting force of about 10k or so men?

These are just a some things I think about when frustrated..


[–] lexsird 1 points 6 points (+7|-1) ago 

The rush to violence is what (((they))) would dearly love.

Before we bum rush Washington DC with rifles, how about we get in the faces non stop of our local representatives until they get the picture. We recall them if they fall to represent us. How about infiltrating the Dems at a grassroots level and change their party from within? Primaries is where the real action is, but we hardly see people involved in it.

The rush of anger wants instant results but all a trip into violence is going to do is destroy everything you love and do the enemy's work for them. We got to be smarter and more active in REAL LIFE, not just here. There are peaceful tools our founding father left us to use. They didn't have such tools, that is why they resorted to violence. It would be a big shame for us to ignore those tools and digress into chaos and destroy what we love.

Besides if we're too lazy to use those tools, we sure as shit are going to be way too lazy to wage a civil war. War is hell and civil war is the hell of war hells. The effort it will take to do it by force will dwarf the effort it would have taken to do it peacefully via the system. Are we not smarter than that to fall for such horseshit?

Don't get me wrong, I have always had a military mind. I too have dark thoughts, one is to cut the power to a certain jew infested city, take the giant power line towers and make gargantuan trebuchets and launch semi truck tankers converted to fuel air bombs into it. Ka fucking booooom ad nauseum. Entertaining on a dark cathartic level of thought, but it's pure flights of fantasy for one's private moments. Reality requires something far more intelligent and more work. Peaceful means are far more productive and effective and you don't end up a bigger asshole than the villains you hate.


[–] YugeDick 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

Very well done. Thank you.


[–] goatboy 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Well laid out and reasoned. Good job Goat.

On the other hand, there is one other niggling option (((they))) avoid all discussion about. The option for mutually Assured Destruction- the ultimate lose-lose scenario.

As strange as it might sound, Game Theory actually favors some kinds of Lose-Lose scenarios and M.A.D. is such a rare case, because it turns into an increasingly likely stalemate the longer the game lasts. And in the case of extermination or enslavement of a people, stalemate is a win for the side that originally faced an extermination threat.

So how do you do it? Steal global extinction weapons (not as hard as popular culture would indicate), make your own (when it comes to bio weapons this is highly plausible though requires an extreme level of ruthlessness to perfect that most people wouldn't have stomach for), or proxy violence an Armageddon (get traditional enemies with MAD capabilities to initiate MAD of their own accord).

The only thing the enemy cares about is itself. Take away the possibility of the enemy's survival and the whole game board changes to your advantage.


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