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Open displays of Communism are ILLLEGAL under the CCA. Call the police and demand people who do this be arrested under 68 Stat. 775, 50 U.S.C. 841-844. Even if nothing is done immediately, eventually it will gain attention.

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Why do you think Obama spent a bulk of his time on weakening law enforcement agencies throughout the US and installing leftists in positions of power through Federal agencies? Communism is starting to take shape in the US and they plan to deconstruct the US. Very few agencies will enforce those laws, and DOJ/ACLU/ADL etc... will seek to undermine the agencies that do.

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It's also worth mentioning is that, in addition to contributing to the demographic shift against the indigenous European majority of the US, the influx of third world refugees into the US since the 1960s has locked down major blocs that will vote in people pushing Marxist ideals. Low IQ = inability to reject cancerous ideologies.

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Hmm. Really good points. Thanks for giving the statute.

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I just came across this: https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/pol/d/ocasio-cortez/6749247997.html

Someone in DC is based and redpilled.

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Illegal is only what you get punished for.

Welcome to the third world.

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Don't. Talk. To. The. Media.

they will never air anything other than their highly-edited and framed spin on an issue. and no, you are NOT more clever than the thousands of people before you that went into an interview with the media thinking "ill show them" and still ended up getting smeared. they control that platform, therefore they control the entire angle the piece takes. dont talk to them

no matter what you say, no matter what facts/data you have on your side, no matter how brilliant you think you are: as long as theyre controlling the editing, the context, the omissions, etc etc you will NEVER get a fair shake. so shut the fuck up and stop giving them ammunition. they're not even needed in the 21st century; if you have something to say, or if a group has something to say, post it on your organizations website or w/e

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Thanks for this. It's like talking to the cops. Only bad things can come of it.

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This. Editors are ruthless and reporters, just as the comment said, will slant the question to frame you no matter how you answer

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That's why you picket, use memes, display the message they don't want spread. Call it what it is, communism. Say who's behind it, THE JEWS! Answer with your own questions like "why did Judea declare war on Germany after they kicked out the communist Jews?" Then show this as you ask it. This is being organized; planning for war, bringing your guns fully loaded, expecting loaded questions to be hurled at you and knowing how to combat it.

George Lincoln Rockwell gives us a great battle plan with examples of how he did it like when Martin Luther Coon said he was coming to Danville he organized his troops to assemble, George went to the local paper & radio to announce their counter protest, and said they'd attack the blacks with live spiders - how do you think they'd react to that? Then MLC announced he "had a sore throat" and didn't come. Psychological warfare works both ways.

This is the way it should have went. But it wasn't organized.

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I would have love to have seen GLR debate that passive aggressive integrationist so badly. MLC was a piece of shit, trying to force himself on Whites.

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they'd attack the blacks with live spiders

Hahahaha, fucking what? Oh god, I'm just imagining the logistics of that.

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Left wing media full on traitors

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The people I used to respect and grew up with have kinda gone full commie the last 8 years because of Obama.

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uninformed sheep

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People went over from the Patriots group just to talk with them, get their opinion and have a dialogue.

That should be off the table by now. Who would have thought people rallying against free speech are not willing to have a civil dialogue?

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Thank you for the update. Did you capture any photos you can post?

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While calling people Nazi's they attacked a jewish man, effectively making them more Nazi than anyone on the right they are against



We've got video etc but it's still processing. This is some video from the protesters -


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Error 1016 Ray ID: 47b69b11952d6d8a • 2018-11-18 01:18:53 UTC

Remember that archive.is/fo are sketchy sites. It helps to also post a valid link if you want people to see it.

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I took this photo today

We the People rally is small group in the foreground and leftoids are crowd in the background. View is pointed south/southwest.

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Thanks for the photo. What I observe, (and you can correct me if I am wrong), is that more Antifa, Anti-Trump protestors came out in response to an advertised patriot meeting. How would you assess the ratio attending on both sides?

This Becomes important - It sends a message to Patriots that Antifa intends to hi-jack and overwhelm any public gathering patriots organize just by shear numbers alone.

The more important message patriots should digest from this is - Get off your asses and SHOW UP. We are definitely more in number than them. But more importantly,, we MUST show solidarity for our cause. We must triple and quadruple the number of them that show up. There is spiritual strength in numbers gathered together for good. Patriots need to see gathering together publicly as spiritual warfare as well.

" One can put a thousand to flight, two can put 10,000.

The shall surely gather together against you, but not by me, they that gather together against you MUST fall for thy sake.

Remember what happened with the Wall of Jericho? The weapons were the numbers, the rhythmic marching, and then the blast of Trumpets along with shouting. This is spiritual warfare, and even if some patriots do not understand how spiritual forces work, they can logically understand that there is a great energy created in numbers joined in one accord. We are not wrestling with flesh and blood. Patriots lose when they don't show up, when they do not participate and stand together. Most of all when they do not pray.

It is sad if patriots permit the darkside to use the very tactics God has given us against us. And to the non-believer, if you approach it with commonsense you will still come to the same conclusion.

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That's funny because there is really no difference between the patriot side and the left side. Seeing as how the patriot side believes that your skin color doesn't matter and that is not what makes you an American, which is essentially they biggest and only issue of these leftists. Yes, they are applying Marxist theory, but they are explicitly applying it through the lenses of race. And here on the other side, the Patriots, they have already accepted the racial egalitarianism. So why are guys fighting? I don't get it. Honestly, you guys should just join the Antifa seeing as how you both believe the same exact thing and see it as not only a core value, but your greatest value.

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The civnat "Patriots" and Antifa are NOT the same side.

The problem is that the civic nationalists haven't figured out what's happening yet.

Civic nationalism does not work, and the (((Talmudic))) Luciferian elites are using hordes of brown people from the Third World.....to cause a global white genocide. I won't call them "Jews", because Jesus Christ would say that they are not truly Jews.

Blacks and whites are different, and cannot peacefully and happily coexist.

Islam and Christianity are different, and cannot peacefully and happily coexist.

P.S. The last chance at civic nationalism died after 9-11. While it is theoretically possible to create a successful civic nationalist society, it will never happen.....as the globalist elites don't want that. They instead want a group of low IQ, non-thinking brown workers......but they need a white genocide for that to happen. And to create a white genocide, you have to change the demographics of white nations......by using mass migration (silent invasion) from the non-white Third World.

For many people, that discovery is a SLOW and gradual process..... especially if you've spent most of your life in an upper-middle class white neighborhood.

It was very hard, and very emotionally painful for me to come to these conclusions. I didn't have one single "red pill" moment. In my case, I had several.....and I'm still having more every day.

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Blacks and whites are different, and cannot peacefully and happily coexist.

I disagree. I work with white people, I go drinking with them, eat with them, go do stuff with them etc etc. . .

Of course, I do the same with people of many races. Am I trying to say we should all get together and sing songs? no. But what you're suggesting is getting dangerously close to genocide.

Which is bad, no matter who it is, being White people through propaganda(media pushing interracial stuff all the time-i don't have a problem with interracial stuff BUT I agree that the media shouldn't be trying to push it at all), Or through legislation and violence (South Africa)

THERE ARE middle class and upper middle class BLACK neighboorhoods, and some mixed as well, with little to no crime! (I unfortunately didn't grow up in one of those, a friend of mine did) anyway. what you're describing is a BROKEN community(blacks as of now) which have been broken through:

1)The CIA pushing drugs in those neighboorhoods


3)the drug war, putting MANY men in jail, which fucks up the community hard core, then combined with #2 the black folks that DONT break the law, find themselves UNABLE TO COMPETE WITH UNCLE SAM for women, so either they leave, or get ultra hyper masculine which brings us to problems 1 and 2

3a)Illegal immigration. It doesn't just hurt white people, it hurts the black community too. As they don't really hire blacks. . .while opening business there. I know im glossing over a lot on this subject, but I dont have the time to go in depth on this.

4)Feminism, this combined with 1, 2 and 3 has made black women untenable, period, fat, angry all the time, and terrible attitudes, while MARRIED TO THE STATE.

5)Policies of Reagan - No fault divorce (this fucks everyone but ESPECIALLY fucks the black community bringing the men to do 1-3 just to get women)

6) Policies of LBJ and Nixon - Yes JFKs death had THAT much of an impact on the country.

7) because of all of this, the black community is at the tail end of it's "Brain Drain" that you all know populations can have when certain conditions are met. The SMART black men that see their communities are a huge fucking dumpster fire, realize that there ISNT ENOUGH of us out there, and even if we did try to "help" the community, it falls on deaf ears, AND we get hit up for money and favors like we owe the leeches of our community every penny we've made.

So we just leave, and try to make it elsewhere.

Why is this important?

Because I've said time and time again.


Full stop. Their destruction one community is done, they can use that commnunity for political and monetary gain, AND they can use that community to distract everyone else by giving them a "Boogie man" to fight against, while you get robbed, and depersoned.

Am I saying to not be afraid of black people and love everyone equally? FUCK NO! Are you crazy? Even I get wary around other black people, especially groups of us, and Im no small guy either(I do this thing called "lifting") But I am saying, that simply saying "It's black people" is the whole missing the forest for the trees that are in the way.

You don't realize that:


Let me say that again since it seems people don't get this and don't WANT to get this:


You say you're "red pilled" but you forgot that this was orchestrated, you forgot that these people are humans just like you, and therefore, if they are human this means THE SAME CAN HAPPEN TO YOU! . . .As you are also a human.

So instead of just saying "these group of people cant co-exist with those people etc etc. . ." Maybe you should be on the lookout for the destruction of your commnunity, how to stop it, and how to find those who orchestrated that and actually. . .GO AFTER THEM(within the bounds of the law of course)

You see, doing THAT.... doing that is HARD. it's EASY to say, "oh its race/people/xyz look at the stats!!" Yes, but they were always that way. Which means YOU may not always be that way as well. . .

Doing the hard thing is hard. But just doing the easy thing is LAZY and DESTRUCTIVE and doesn't help get what you really want: a safe and stable society, with upward mobility, great family life (you're gonna need to fix no-fault divorce for that) and a life free from tyranny and rampant degeneracy.

But no, go ahead and say person x cant co-exist with person y. . .that's going to help. . untill you exterminate person y and then find something wrong with other "person x's" as well and try to exterminate them as well. . .and on and on it goes.

You need to take some time to think about this before replying. As in a few days or a week.

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I got to meet some other patriots. Going to be starting groups soon and join ones that are already formed.

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feel free to DM me with info you may think is helpful I want to group up with likeminded folks and help our cause beyond just voting and shitposting

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Just join a nationalist group. (((Patriot groups))) will let their illegal mexican members assault you over a pepe sign

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Half way through near the end the Patriot group offered the communist group to take their mic to talk for 5 minutes, to show them real free speech.

What a bunch of faggots. This is why the Right is destined to lose if we rely on these naive dipshits. Why don't you just give them a gun to shoot you also?

And why give any quarter to the media who are there to run hit pieces on you all for the nightly news? You should have pushed them out of your group and forced them to camp out with antifa. That's where their sympathies lie, so let them take the punches.

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What a bunch of faggots. This is why the Right is destined to lose if we rely on these naive dipshits. Why don't you just give them a gun to shoot you also?

Because they are paid protestors or have radical unappealing positions. Making a fool of your opposition is good, letting them make a fool of themselves is better.

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"If they shoot us, they lose."

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very true

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