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Voter ID would help with this shit.

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(((They))) will not allow Voter ID. It is counter to (((their))) evil lies and deceptions.

And, (((they))) have convinced too many people to "trust the plan", "trust the system", . . . So, evil will continue because no one will stand again evil. They are convinced that someone else will stand in their place.

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This is really not that difficult to figure out:

  • Millions of illegal aliens live in California
  • California allows illegal aliens to obtain California drivers licenses
  • Getting a drivers license in California registers you to vote

California has millions of illegal aliens registered to vote.

Even if few illegal aliens actually vote, having millions more registered voters gives you much more leeway in stuffing ballots without having an embarrassing total greater than the number of registered voters.

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It also boosts the amount of house reps the state is allowed to have.

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If gov't ballots ran on encrypted blockchain, there wouldn't be a need to stand in line for a ballot, or have a fucked up mail in ballot, or have unaccounted ballots not processed by niggers. Seriously, everyone can vote with their computers and get voting confirmation with blockchain. It's been secure enough for value, then its sure shit secure enough for voting.

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It really would solve every thing, but of course that is the reason why the deep state will never let it happen.. But we need to do some thing about it.....corrupt voting leads to corrupt people getting voted in which leads to an even more corrupt country.. Our voting system as it stands now is a complete sham in my opinion.. At the very least we need voter ID, but we don't even have that..

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Yup, its voter ID that is so fucked up, but once in the system the blockchain takes care of the rest in securing ballot validation.

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Edit: posting this here because this was exactly what they were saying in the video in real time.

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management just shrugged their shoulders and says "we have nothing to do with that"

god fucking damn it why are these lazy bastards in a management position

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The idea that a process that is as apparently important "As free and fair democratic elections" for the general populace to have their say for which candidates represent them, is not unilaterally protected from obvious or subtle means of manipulation in an overt way by any agency at all. Just gives cause for the belief that "your vote doesn't count"....... How many times does it need to be reported on MSM or alternate media of mishandling, deception, corruption of voter counts et al before necessary steps are implemented to ensure and enforce "election honesty". Assorted degenerate F***tards, of those in Politics and those that support, must be laughing their collective shitty asses all the way to the podium.....

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Wow. That makes it so easy to rig the election. Just mail all the ballots to your local Starbucks and let your local occasio cortez socialist fill them out.

Wait. My mistake. Never mail them at all.

I am required to vote through mail in my state. We are somehow a very Dem state even though we are not quite california tier. Mail in votes must be eliminated. Let the military vote on their bases. Let snowbirds vote in their winter state. Let travelers suck it up.

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This happened at my polling place. A woman came in with 2 cards with different names that had been registered at her address (which she has lived for over 20 years). The Poll Supervisor said it's happened many times.

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