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You need a federal election commission to oversee all elections. In Australia this corrupt shit is almost impossible to pull off because the same body oversees all.

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A federal commission is not a good idea. Eventually democrats will gain control of it and they'll have even more power to "find votes."

@ALargeRock is absolutely right, we need a national voter ID that's only handed out to citizens. Something that makes things much more difficult to modify. Right now, it's far too easy.

National Voter ID created when you get your driver's license and can prove citizenship, automatically deleted when you pass away. Nation database makes sure every vote registered has one voter ID. Your voting history is stored in a database, where only you can access it. If you find discrepancies in your voting history, you can sue for money, even personal lawsuit against the people in charge of that election, as well as take it up with the election committee. Your voting history is made available to you on election night after you cast your vote.

Democracy needs to be fixed. There are way better options for how we handle voting given our current technology.

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Australia? You mean the country of crooks so corrupt they have never had a Prime Minister serve their full term?

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We'll need a new special federal ID (like our SSN). That concerns me because I'm wary of federal power, but it's also not so absurd of an idea to protect our democratic voice in our Republic.

I'm also concerned about mega cities becoming a thing in the next 50 ish years. That might just cancel out all other voices for example.


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Why is it that nearly every election for the past few decades have been nearly a 50/50 split?

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because they stuff the ballot boxes just enough to win

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If my president doesnt do somthing serious there will be blood.

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THIS...exactly this

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It did, of course. It has since the 1960s. We have had multiple people on video admitting it.

No one will do anything about it.

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You used to suck. You got good, all of a sudden. What's your deal... you a jew or something?

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I never sucked. You just grew out of the lies you believed.

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Fuck you, "domestic terrorists" a.k.a. freedom loving patriots are drafting plans as we speak to mass murder Democrats in key positions around the country.

Civil War 2.0 is upon us.

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No, no one is doing anything. You will never grab your guns. You will never kill traitors and nonwhites. You will never fight back. Ever. It’s not going to happen. Stop wasting my time with your kike bullshit.

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Im from california. It happened here too. 2 days after the election which has never been close before the results change... https://www.modbee.com/news/politics-government/election/article221309875.html we need to stop this madness by any means necessary.

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It seems to happen with both parties throughout recent history, but the common denominator is who the globalists want in power. At this time, those are clearly the corrupt Democrats at least 90% of the time I'd say. They must stifle Trump's nationalist agenda. He's been taking a wrecking ball to their agenda, and they're apoplectic.

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He's been taking a wrecking ball to their agenda

Trump hasn't done shit. Hillary is running free and I bet he won't even comment on the election besides a few tweets.

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Yep, well get some tough talk and then everyone will forget all about it.

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In Kansas - Deep Red State "Elected" A Democunt Governor.

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This! I thought that was shady as

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Obama stole the second term through this scam!

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and Ron Paul got cheated in 2012, out of the Republican nomination - by the same people responsible for cheating in Obama

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The truth hurts, dunnit. Ron Paul winning was the one, true, timeline. We got cheated out of it. It happened, and we were all too arrogant to admit it.

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obama is a mossad puppet....

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No one... In fact I bet every single one in the nation was fake shit. I live in a mail in ballot state... It just makes it more efficient for them to be able to cheat without anyone knowing.

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