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Well, looks like a documented case of voter fraud. The problem is that nothing will be done to hold the fraudsters accountable for their election interference.

We all know that leftist voter fraud exists and yet not a mother-fucking thing is done to stop it. Maybe the republicans should get in on this fraud and level the playing field.

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They're already in on it two birds of the same feather

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That's right, there was that one chick in Texas that voted TWICE!

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I think this is technically 'election fraud', not 'voter fraud'.

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And coincidently this satire county is adding more democratic ballots daily to get to the threshold of having a recount to remove Republican Senator Scott

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This shit is fucking treasonous. Hang these kikes.

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I thought Americans had a right to bear guns to prevent tyranny? Guess not

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Thats not how this works.

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How does it work then?

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Not bear guns, bear ARMS.... big ass, hairy ones.

Jeez, read da Constitution!

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Is this in Broward County?

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In Florida no less! I thought Cali was the leader in fraudulent election! Marco Rubio was saying the Dems were literally trying to steal this election by sending lawyers there.. here's the proof!

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I watch handlers bus illegals to the polls in CA every election cycle. They don't even live here. They are bussed in from elsewhere and allowed to vote. I tried to film it once, they just illegally parked the busses to obscure it from the legal filming distance. 140% turnout and no one goes to jail.

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Florida voted to restore felon's voting rights. It's also a swing state that just got over a million potential blue votes from ex-felons.

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Both people that I know that got their voting rights restored would have voted republican

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They have CA locked down with having 2 dems on the ticket usually. Florida going for Trump was very upsetting to them.

But for tge first time in 36 years the RNC can fight back. https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/end-of-1982-consent-decree-gop-finally-can-contest-vote-fraud-after-36-years

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Ok, while I believe the Progs are trying to steal the Florida election, this is how ballots and election supplies are collected. I've worked around a dozen Los Angeles elections as a "depot" chief. You're watching a video of local poll workers' private vehicles bringing in ballots to a central location after the polls have closed. The ballots are then transferred to a rental truck and taken back to the headquarters for counting. We use rental trucks because elections are held every other year; if we owned the trucks, they would just sit around unused most of the time.

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Yeah, that makes sens... waiiiiiidaminute, it don't fit da narrative. Dis guy a Russian bot ya'll, go back ta Rusha ya fugg'n, errrrrrrrr, Russian COMMIE!

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I wonder how much longer it will take White people to realize that our multicultural democracy does not work.

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Usually the person in charge at the polling place brings it to the counting place but they have to bring a witness with them. Everything has to be sealed at the polling place, again in front of witnesses, before anything's transported. If you had a crew of real deviants you could do something I guess. The last time I worked an election we had some nice elderly standard American people, an old man from Armenia who was a naturalized citizen and very eager to help but no one could really understand him, and a couple young spics who were too lazy to do much. Which included being too lazy to perpetrate fraud.

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Why is the quality so bad on the video? Its impossible to identify the people she's filming, unless you have CSI level of enhancing technology.

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