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Here’s me thinking, oh there’s no chance...

American citizens are set to be fined up to $1 million or imprisoned for up to 20 years for criticizing Israel

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Israel did 9/11

Imagine being so despicable you need laws to prevent people from criticizing you

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Or examining narratives such as the "Jewish Holocaust" in Germany.

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If you have a pension you already have given up your right to speak out against Israel. Look it up via your state laws.

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If you have a pension and didn't take a cash payout you're also a complete dumbfuck who will someday very soon see the payout drop to zero, so I don't really give a shit if future broke people give up their rights.

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Lucky me, I do not. Cash bed boi

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Please elaborate

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pension? wtf is that? can I eat it?

-anyone under 50

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This is in conflict with the first amendment though.

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Fucking disgusting.

Yeah, you're right though. Something needs to be done about these reps who knowingly propose violations to the Bill of Rights. Too much of this "throwing shit against the wall and hoping it sticks."

I wouldn't oppose hanging.

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The first, second, fourth, sixth amendments are all under attack. It’s sad to see we’ve come to this point.

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we should us the 1st and the 2nd to enforce the rest.....

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Kinda gives you new respect for the foresight of the forefathers

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Rest assured, something WILL be done. The Cleansing is fast approaching....

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more Q-like LARPing

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Hate speech is Free speech

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This isn't a bill brought in to actually get passed, it's a statement. And it's the kind of statement that deserves investigation into the person trying to introduce it.

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Thanks for the links.

If jews in Congress are this brazen, then jews in America are getting nervous. I take this as an object lesson that things are moving in the right direction for Americans.

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Gen Z has them scared. Those little meme lords don't give a fuck about Hitler and totally know more about 'Muh 6 Gorillion' than the boomers and the milenials put together.

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And of course Chuckie Schumer supports it.

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And hoopla, the links are dead.


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Works for me. Maybe your ISP is censoring some websites.

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Where in the bill link does it mention the punishment? It says boycott, but I don't see any mention of speech nor of punishment. It's also from over a year ago. Is this the correct bill?

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But hate speech is protected under Freedom of speech.

I like how the Bill states "allies" in quotes..... I ask everyone here, what if Israel is not an ally .... now or 10 years from now..... If we can't speak out against allies , they will always be an ally ?

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Israel was never an ally, and never will be

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Fuck Israel. Fuck Jews. Hitler did nothing wrong.

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WTF . That senaturd can renounce his citizenship and take his shekels back to Israel.

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