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Trump chastised him:)

Then pulled his access.

Love it.

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I felt like I was watching a belligerent teenager being corrected by an exasperated, but calm, father.

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I thought he was going to be physically removed by the way he was acting.

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Trump was absolutely making eye contact with his bodyguards. Strong implication that they were to be ready to remove him.

[–] resvserbresb1 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago  (edited ago)

I mean in the actual video of it I don't see him doing anything besides holding onto the mic.


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I was hoping a secret service agent would tase him and drag him out like hillary being tossed into a van.

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Good. Keep your hands to yourself Jim.

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It'd be hilarious Karma to see Jim lose his job at CNN however I don't think they'll do that. Watch him try to bring up some kind of lawsuit for suppressing freedom of the press. He's such a douche.

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No, they will paint him as Jesus on the Cross and Trump as Caiaphas.

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Any network with integrity (forget that those don't exist anymore) would fire someone for being such a twat they get their WH press credentials yanked.

CNN will probably promote him.

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meh i hate that CNN faggot as much as anyone but the little girl in red tried to grab at the mic twice and he just held on to it. He didn't grab her, he placed the back of his hand against her arm when she jerked at the mic... Don't embellish this shit and make it more than it was like a fucking liberal.

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The mic belonged to the White House, so Jim had no right to hold on to it to start with. At first when she reached over his left arm to get the mic, Jim moved the mic away so she could not reach it without touching him. Her response was to retreat her right arm and reach around his left arm to retrieve the mic. When Jim noticed she would reach the mic, he forcibly brought his left arm down to push away her arm from reaching the microphone. He physically prevented her from retrieving property that did not belong to Jim Acosta. Jim Acosta should rightfully be permanently banned. BTW, Obama had a reported physically removed simply for shouting "No More Deportations!".

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[–] mightnotbearobot 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago 

If he had grabbed her by the pussy it would have been acceptable.

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Well, at this point, the "slit your throat" sentiment is fully reciprocated.

If we had a Civil War tomorrow and a hundred million liberal faggots were slaughtered, I'd be estatic.

[–] 112263_V_ 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

Liberals are just like us, only with fucked up programming. Programming that produces emotional responses, like throat slitting, as opposed to conservative responses like reasoning and logic. Dont become who you hate to beat them. Defeats the purpose. They want us to battle on their level because they cant compete with us on ours. Really think they want a fight with the armed side, or are they being put up to it by bagmen? The Big Dog lets the lite dog bark and bark and bark....until one day he just eats him in one bite.

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Amen, Brother.

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I was gonna say the same thing! What about ALL our rights and freedom of speech? They don't care and don't think non-famous people should even have any say while they spout and spew their psychotic celebrity/famous shitheads bullshit!

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I hope this goes to war so bad.

The things I want to do.

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Acosta's Twatter feed is full of the same. People who think getting rid of one attention-whore for abusing his privilege(lol) is a direct attack on everyone's freedoms. The same ones who took Trump calling "fake news media" the enemy of the people and twisted it into "OMFG DRUMPFHITLER SAID THE MEDIA ITSELF IS TEH ENEMEE OF TEH PEEPOLE!"

[–] My_Name_is_Not_Sure 6 points 17 points (+23|-6) ago 

Not trying to be a “you got a source” dick, but have you got a source? My assorted web searches aren’t finding anything.

[–] PeaceSeeker 2 points 35 points (+37|-2) ago 

Asking for sources is not "being a dick"; it's called thinking critically and demanding evidence in order to quantify claims. This isn't /v/whatever, this is /v/politics, so frankly sources for submissions like this should be standard course.

[–] My_Name_is_Not_Sure 0 points 11 points (+11|-0) ago 

I hear ya, but it seems like some people can sometimes ask for a source when a simple “insert search engine of choice” would give you the answer.

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Sources indicated that Jim is still the NPC spokesman of CNN jews.

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A bunch of things I collected earlier as to what caused this if not been up on what happened, as most of the news earlier has rolled off. See my first comment: https://voat.co/v/politics/2837614

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Acosta accosting a white house intern is supposedly why he had his pass revoked. I think it's because he is a dick.

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I know they broke the story live on Fox. Acosta apparently tweeted it himself, that he can't get Onto white house ground for his 8pm shot.

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Surprised it's not plastered all over CNN claiming Jims 1st rights are being violated and how the world is going to end.

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CNN can literally send anyone else and get over it

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He asked for it.

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ROFL....back to channel 6 news in rural Nebraska for Jim. Acting like a spoiled dick at the WH was his only schtick.

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Acosta straight up calls his upcoming piece a 'hit'. That guy has no shame.

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That's what he meant by hit? What a douche. I thought he was just saying he is hitting Trump with some hard stuff.

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The little prick means going live during broadcast news at 8pm. Trump ruined his little day because he'll have to do it outside with the peasants.

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More like shit piece.

[–] Plant_Boy 1 points 10 points (+11|-1) ago 

Well, if you abuse your privilege then it should be revoked.

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