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Get it through your fucking heads.

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People should try my 20K movement. Avoid any site with less than 20k alexa rank. We did a quick brainstorm of what sites people would use at notabug.io

But https://searx.me would be the true "small tech" place to do searching.

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If searx wasn't promoting gitbug I'd enjoy it more. Anyone that uses github is complicit with censorship. If you know MSFT censors people's saved office360 documents and you think it bought github to not do the same, you're naive. searx has a link to their openhub in their github page but it should be the other way around.

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Searx claims to be a hackable search engine on their site. I use brave browser and duckduckgo/startpage

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Isn’t Voat well under 20k?

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DuckDuckGo actually displays Voat in it's search results so you can't necessarily complain there.

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I've reverted back to my 1980's set of Funk and Wagnall's encyclopedia. Just straight up facts, and the Earthly scent of old ass books..

Did you know, it's actually called the U.S.S.R., and is much bigger than what today's maps show us?

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What would you recommend?

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searx DDG

I mean, DuckDuckGo has nigger jokes at the sixth result and searx doesn't have any. Is it really better?

EDIT: My links were backwards

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I did an image search for "Test" and this was on the first page LOL.

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Jive Search. Open source version of duck

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peekier.com was the only search engine that could find a post about 'the red pill' that I had very specific information about but couldn't find the page on any other engine.

I searched on every major search engine I could find. only peekier found my page.

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Searching 'the truth about Jews' and for a starter I don't end up with Zionist propaganda. That's a first. Thank you.

Edit: Also searching for 'Stormfront' actually shows you the link to Stormfront. This is very promising.

Make sure to turn off Safe Search though.

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Aren't they just a light proxy for google anyway?

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and others. Most of my results come from Yandex now.

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fuck. DIdn't know this.

Here are some alternatives: https://hackernoon.com/untraceable-search-engines-alternatives-to-google-811b09d5a873

But I see that it isn't easy to add them (Gibiru for example) as your default search engines.

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DDG is the Alex Jewnes of web search. It's the first level of a multi-level trap designed to catch Bad Goys who reject (((mainstream))) options. The last level is TOR. It's kikes all the way down.

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