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Body bags with dead military age males covered in gang tattoos isn't "bad optics."

Trump won against all of the political establishment's efforts and expectations, solely on the issue of "not surrendering America."

The people who aren't on board with that issue are irrelevant today.

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They will put all women and children at front of line.. Media will non-stop these pictures for weeks

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Then we lob mortors over the women and kids, into the army of men amassed behind them.

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Body bags with dead military age males covered in gang tattoos isn't "bad optics."

Trust me it is. The media will just call them teens looking for a better life like they have done with the hordes of MS13 we already have dealt with. You are only looking at it through your lens. I live in a blue state. I promise you that gunning down a hundred of these shit stains is not going to go over well in a large portion of the population.

The people who aren't on board with that issue are irrelevant today.

Oh, you know, besides those people vote too and for republicans to maintain power they have to vote republican.

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Didn't FEMA position tens of thousands of multi-corpse caskets around the country? Is this invasion why they were made?

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Look at his appointments to n the Federal reserve. He's not on our side. Trump will let them in for Judea.

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The caravan is amassing more numbers every day. Trump has cut UN funding and the world is panicking in the aftermath. This is why Haley stepped down. Soon we won't need a UN Ambassador, because there won't be a UN at all.

(((They))) were so close to bring us into their global system permanently, and now they are in mass meltdown mode and pulling out all the stops. It is now being reported that the horde includes members who are armed with guns and bombs. This is a literal invasion as retaliation to America's new position against the UN and the EU. The funding and organizing of this group is well documented but is being censored by American media.

The caravan will be halted by military presence in Texas/Arizona.
Once reaching Tijuana and heading for California, the situation will be different. Much different.

  • California already not following federal law
  • California is a Sanctuary State
  • California has fully implemented the UN Stronger Cities Initiative
  • California will do everything possible to get these people in
  • California will order it's law enforcement to stand off with military in the name of diversity

Under our current National Emergency, Trump has full war powers. After a few days of standoff, he will eventually order the military to arrest the Governor and his officials, including mayors and DA's. Legally he can do this, as California's actions will be considered sedition.

Next, we will wake up one morning and:

  • msm will be claiming military opened fire on innocent migrants in dead of night
  • pictures of dead children, think Syrian beach boy
  • invaders will begin attacking low armored military units
  • they will use weapons obtained through F & F as well as cartels
  • they will have ammunition and explosives in caches placed and purchased by Obama administration (1.5 billion rounds for DHS)
  • media will claim it happened on California soil
  • California will call on UN for aide, may also take Chinese aide

The key is the media. They will be the trigger. When you see them reporting that the military opened fire on a bunch of innocent hondurans you will know a major happening is upon us

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I've thought hard about the California call on the U.N. or China aid...not really for California in specific but something that ends up involving China invading us under some pretext...now, wouldn't it be just grand to drop a few nukes on our own country? seriously, it's one thing to lob one directly at China, but QUITE another to nuke our own land (which they just happen to be burrowing in)

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The sedition angle is real interesting.

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Even if everyone gets setup in camps, they likely won't want to wait to get processed since it could take months-- they will coordinate to storm and overwhelm a poorly-guarded area to disperse into the dessert. Why follow the stupid rules when half of the population encourages you to reach their "sanctuaries" where they will forever be protected?

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Trump is building "really nice tent cities" for them. Haven't you watched the interview? He's not firing on shit. He's allowing them to apply for asylum.

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Totally. When a violent mob starts throwing fire bombs, rocks, and shooting at them there is no chance they might start shooting.

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Option 4, they overwhelm these shitskins with non-lethal deterrents such as tier gas, sonic weapons, fire hoses, rubber bullets, flash bangs, etc., and they stay south of the border.

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Drop a MOAB within audible range of the invasion force, that will give the weak willed reason to love their home country and go back. Like playing Bonnie Doon on the pipes well out of sight of the enemy - the unknown is scary.

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The sight of a mushroom cloud right in your path makes most people reconsider their life.

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Optics won't be good shooting the children human shields with bean bags and firehose blasts...

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Wouldn't surprise me if the armed caravan invaders are not there to fight the military, but are the guards on the train that ensure the caravan meat makes it to the proverbial gas chamber. Soros took much delight and inspiration from his teenage days.

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Option three, identify the command car and send an A-10 out to hit it while they are still 100 miles from the border. Send Mexico a formal letter of apology for crossing the border without permission.

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What happens when ... Trump gets re-elected.

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