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I have worked in HR for years and I hate hearing about diversity. They have preached for years to embrace our differences. Difference however are not what build relationships between people. If you want to build a relationship with someone, you embrace similarities. Think of your friends, you had something in common with them that brought you together.

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The person I have the best relationship with in my company is Indian, but it's not diversity that has us get along. Like you say, it's shared values. Admittedly he looks a little funny in a baseball cap but oh well.

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Diversity of race isn't the issue. Diversity of culture is really what's at stake here. Sane people rightly don't want to embrace criminality into their culture. Nobody wants goat-fucking terrorists blowing shit up or violent niggers playing the knockout game on their streets or greedy Jews monopolizing the internet.

Also, on a side note, I've seen OP's picture before and agreed with it without giving it too much thought. Now though, after being accused of being a Jew countless times simply for disagreeing with some white power faggot on here, I now question whether all of these Jew designations are actually true or not. Self-admitted Jews are one thing, but most of the time on here white power cucks apply that you label as political propaganda to further their faggot cause. It's the same problem experienced by the metoo movement. I know from personal experience that women lie without shame, so I just don't believe women out of principle now. Women essentially shot themselves in the foot every time they made a false accusation against a man. The same applies here.


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a downvote brigade of frightened white power faggots literally took me from almost 300 CCP to -90 CCP overnight so I will no longer have the ability to be heard and you're trying to tell me voat doesn't censor? LOLOLOLOL!

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I see no problem being biased. I'm a white male fighting for the survival of my race. Feminism is a symptom of the Jew propoganda, don't try to shift the focus to them. Diversity of race is the problem, not culture. You are called out as a Jew because your posts only sow division on our site. The survival of our race is "faggot" now?






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In-group preference is racist says the Jew.

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I love these easy to spread truth bombs. One of these that was a table that had all the top people of the top companies who were jewish highlighted in red got me really diving down the rabbit hole years ago. Since then the evidence has just grown and their tactics have become much more apparent to the general public.

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Diversity is a jewish 'invention', it's their strenght, of course, because it ensures racial and economic division, of which whites are the first victims and they can ony be the winners.

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Yes, it is. Diversity is the strength of those who say it's their strength. Typically that is traitors, Freemasons and Jews. It's not your strength, but no one ever said it was, either.

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Got a Fox News one?

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The good news is this, the next time people wake up and begin to eradicate them from this earth, their will be no power on earth to prevent it and save them. They are fighting to the death and have no other option, this time it really is us or them, somebody has to go.

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Yes, it is truly a zero-sum game, someone has to lose.

If not them, then us.

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this answers the JQ definitively

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