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Pajeets are the enemy of the white race. They have severe inferiority complex and are actively working with Jews to destroy Western civilization.

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as well as myself

tfw replaced by a pajeet

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i wouldn't call their feeling of inferiority a "complex", it's just an accurate assessment of reality.

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They actually have the world's smallest penises. American imported condoms wont fit and it's a public health issue

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Sounds like a terrorist org to me.

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Shitskin indians hate whites except the.females that they hit on endlessly.They also only hire their own kind. Thats how they take over a company.

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Indonesian* Just trying to make sure people know & understand that there's a difference between Indonesians & Native American Indians. Also, the native Indonesians used to be white, not brown, like this faggot here.

edit: Or he might be Indian (not Native American Indian, but from India), both inhabitant Nations demographics used to be white.

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Since when is justice about parasites being allowed to ROB the prudent for the consequences of being useless parasites and professional victims? Why do we (white) people ALLOW niggers and feminists and illegal immigrants to demonize us for THEIR inferiority (POOR, stupid, careless, reckless, irresponsible, selfish choices in life)? WHY DO WE ALLOW IT AT ALL???

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We don't allow it, the money is taken from us and given to them. If we don't pay our taxes we end up in prison. The takers have more freedom than the givers.

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I know that part, I'm just saying how come NOBODY seems to REALIZE this IN GOVERNMENT and STOP IT?

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They tried to say Trump paid people to go to his rallies. LOL. Can you imagine the cost for the thousands that show up? 😊 No way does he pay for that.

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This is another SOLID example of DECEPTION using words: "social justice" and "social justice lawyer" and "Center for Popular Democracy" Whether or not 'they' like it - anyone with their feet on American soil owes a DUTY of 'allegiance'. "For citizens, that duty is absolute." (Black's Law Dictionary, 4th ed.) To BREACH that duty through "acts of treachery and betrayal" makes one a "TRAITOR" by definition. So here, we have a TRAITOR who is engaging in 'ORGANIZED REBELLION" FOR HIRE i.e., "RENT-A-THUGS"; and they hide behind the false veneer of something called 'Popular Democracy" (that's a new one I'd not heard before). Believe it or not, these people always disclose what they are all about if you look closely at the words they use to describe themselves and what it is that they do. And I remind that our Constitution guarantees a REPUBLICAN form of government. Period. Where this word 'democracy' even crept in would be a story worth teaching to school children, so they can know when their country was hijacked originally - and ALL THROUGH USE OF DECEPTIVE WORDING...which has served the purposes of the traitors very well in 'legislation'. Think - "Patriot Act" - what is so patriotic about a group of ROGUE politicians having given themselves the 'power' to snatch up American citizens without warning, without charge, for an indefinite perod of time up to 'life'?! See what I mean?

I realize that America was initially described as being a 'REPRESENTATIVE Republic' - until such time the word "DEMOCRACY" displaced that. And now we use the terms 'democrat' and 'democratic' interchangeably. But, Rush Limbaugh was correct when he said, "There is NOTHING 'democratic' about the DEMOCRAT PARTY...(who have earned their new name 'Party of CRIME').

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That crazy twat that cornered Flake works for Center for Popular Democracy too

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Nice follow up to the article I post about 25 days ago.

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Is this your state? Report him to the state bar for ethics violations. The I.R.S. may also be interested in these transactions. Also, if you see this guy on the corner handing out cash, report him to the police as a possible drug dealer.

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