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I have worked for women before.

Disfunctional doesnt even begin to describe it.

Then when they fail its everybody elses fault. Then they use the white knights against each other. Or their parents bail them out and defend them and their fatherless children.

Women aren’t logical creatures unless they have to be and even then they half ass it.

Never should have been given the right to vote. They destroy nations. They don’t build them. They decorate them. They don’t understand logic to cause them to build a civilization.


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Hell yeah. Every woman I've worked for was a two-faced vindictive monster. They'll play all sweet and supportive one minute to get you to reveal something, and then use that information against you for their benefit. There's a reason most women say they hate hanging out with other women and would prefer to hang out with men. It's because most women are back-stabbing bitches.


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This is why we are seeing so many managed service providers and consultants. The problem is that without the entry level jobs, we do not get replacement consultants when the previous ones fail.

I hate islam, i hate muslims, i have created v/Kafirs so people can share in my hatred for the scum, but they are spot on with sharia law in regards to women.


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I was in the Army and I am female. Female leaders are the worst. They almost always abuse their power. There are a few who are great but they are very rare. Mostly females in leadership positions are just a nightmare. And if you are a female they are especially bad. For all the attacks they are waging against men you can rest assure they will eventually turn it back on other females bc that is how it has been for hundreds if not thousands of years. Women hate on other women constantly.


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Women can't even do their own jobs correctly and now they think they are qualified to be second-rate men?

Feminism--the joke that keeps on giving.

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Then we should just be sexist, and stop cucking to demands just because the other party has a vagina


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...also, avoid having to report to a woman - especially in a technical field ; another career suicide ; in my experience, if you are a dude you'll get shit assignments, you'll be more likely to be fired, less likely to be promoted (and/or receive perks like rsu and such), and you'll have to watch less qualified women promoted over you (and you'll have to do their work anyway - team work, yeah!....); not to mention awkward staff meetings where you can't maintain eye contact because it's literally rape, you can't speak because it's 'mansplaining', you can't disagree with anyone because feelings get hurt, and where you'll have to sit through endless chatter about which shade of mauve should be used for the new prototype, and about 'leadership/diversity events' to bring more girls into STEM fields...

Think about it for a minute : remember when large corps would come up with innovative new stuff when still run by shitlords ? see how the same corps now repackage the same shit over and over but in ten different colors! (e.g., some leading smart phone manufacturer comes to mind)

This is a large part of why I am giving up on working in engineering - planning a complete change of career, if all goes well I'll be out of this mess by this time next year.


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LOL okay well that explains why they do that. I always wondered about that just changing the color crap. Good to know.