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the burden of proof is on the prosecution

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Sadly that has changed. Guilty by media decree is the new norm, which is terrifying.

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Guilty by media decree, I like that.

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Okay then we just need a media outlet to issue the death penalty to the MSM, and they can all be hung right?

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I know but the principal stands, if you make an assertion, you must provide proof, the burden is not on the accused to disprove every random allegation

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Nothing illegal was done anyway even if it were true (it isn't). Attempted groping between two drunk high school students? Give me a break!

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Indeed. It is utterly clownish that this has developed as far as it has. But why the fuck is Kavanaugh publicly laying out a defense before the bitch appears before the Senate and the public thinks her story is bullshit?

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Sue her into the stone age for treason, damages, defamation and false accusations.

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That’s just the kind of evidence that someone who committed fake sexual assault would come up with to pretend to be innocent!!

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To doubt the authenticity of this document is the same as condoning the death of 6 gorillion innocent undergrads.

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This is exactly why they are switching targets and now pushing for college based accusations.

They need new accusations that can be drawn out and not so easily disproved.

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This is why the lying bitch didn't want to "remember" when the "assault" occurred. It gave him a chance to prove her wrong.

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I'm sure she won't think of a another excuse and invoke her "I'M the victim here!" card. They're so predictable

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In some ways she is. She is being abused by democrats heavily. She wanted her scam to go without being named.

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I think ol' Miss Ford needs to get cleaned the fuck out. If she's living in anything nicer than a single wide trailer, she's not getting what she deserves.

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I guess it pays to keep a diary.

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