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Unless you have a trust fund or are retired this is the most important article you will read this year.

You would probably make 2x what you are making now in real wages if these people weren't here, and if more weren't coming every year.

It's not just tech workers either. Remember, when incomes go up in the domestic economy people spend more and there is more production here. EVERYBODY'S income goes up.

But that's not happening. Instead the big companies ~ not just tech ~ import foreign labor or outsource. That means they get to make more in profits because they lower their costs. Stockholders and executives get the income that would otherwise go to workers and into the real economy.

Spending in the real economy goes down, investment in plant and equipment goes down, and we're all poorer, year after year after year ---- EXCEPT for the top 1%.

This is why their incomes keep going up ---- while yours keeps going down.

When does it stop?

When the U.S. is so impoverished that worker's incomes here are no more than those of India or China. Then it will be time to bring some jobs back home! Who needs H1-Bs when you can get the same thing for the same price right here?

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This. Huge flood of H1 Indians into biomedical and pharma. Entirely undercuts Americans. And they're not particularly good.

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Lol. We have retards here that pay, to people in India, $25 an hour and think they're getting a good deal. They usually have to be taught by someone making over $30 an hour. 25 + 30 = 55.

You can hire a recent graduate for less than $25, and get better quality in return.

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Same in tech. Maybe 20% of the pajeets are worth the pennies they're paid, and that's a generous estimate.

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They never denied it. India is like a cash crop farm that produces IT and engineering professionals purely for the reason of being exported into the United States. You think that's going to stop any time soon? Trippin.

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And most of their tech degrees aren't worth the paper they are written on. You can find lots of stories about how the Indian gov is trying to fix them problem. Lots of Cos who tried to outsource to India have learned the hard way that an EE in India is not the same thing as a US EE

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the funny thing is people think their doctor degrees are any better

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not just the us, we're only ~1/3 of their emigrants.

They're not very good engineers either I might add. Can't speak for other professions, but I can find you drop outs on the street in the us who make better programmers.

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They're good test takers but even then they can get someone else to take their tests for them.

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Turn off these fucking traitors immediately!

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i'm for free enterprise, but it is time to regulate these monopolies that have all of our personal information and are using it for their left-wing agenda. The DS is real.

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It's time to break them up and open source the technology. Enough.

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Fair trade > free trade. Fair trade means equivalent labor laws, environmental laws. And tariffs are used to enforce the difference.

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Reminding everyone that Google has been actively engaged in wage suppression in the United States for many years now. They've even illegally colluded with all of the big tech companies in Silicon Valley to prevent labor competition and salary increases. These people are evil. Google fucking hates you. To boot, Google is controlled by the Deep State. They were literally created by the CIA. They are now a pseudo-arm of DARPA. They have CIA on their exec team.

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Anyone using or supporting any of the commie tech companies are not Americans at heart.

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I've unfortunately already bought a bunch of Google products. Does anyone here have any advice one de-gulaging my Android devices? I've got an idea as to what I want to do with my phone, but it seems I can't install Linux on a chromebook without having to run them side by side.

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Throw the shit in the trash, and stop buying stupid fucking gadgets you don't need. That's how you fix it.

"Oh look, I can order more soy drinks through my toaster now, and watch blacked.com on my space watch, I should buy more google iToys."

Fucking faggot.

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Yeah. Get a phone that is independent of the google ecosystem. The librem5 is a FOSH/FOSS phone; it's kind of expensive right now, but if more people ordered them then economies of scale would drive the price down. It's cool because it's a phone that doesn't have any google or apple shit on it, has hardware kill switches for the microphones and camero, runs a linux os, and doubles as a pc when you connect it to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.


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Cut off ALL of their H1b visas and all government contracts to start. Then open a long, painful, intrusive Antitrust investigation. Start with how they were initially funded and how all the 1st movers were removed from their path starting with Altavista...

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Lets stop using everything google and then maybe those google executives will get RIF'd. That would be nice.

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