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Upvoat The Truth !!

The Jew owned Congress colludes to give Zio-Kikes a $38.8 Billion welfare check, and simultaneously is willing to shut down over $20 Billion to build Trump's Wall.

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  1. Israel has less than 2,400 homeless, while the US has over 1.56 million homeless.

  2. Over twelve thousand homeless US vets are from wars fought for Israel.

  3. Israel has universal health care.

  4. Israel has a tuition cap of $2,890, ask your Jewish college professor why your tuition costs 100x as much.

  5. Israel has a wall to keep out immigrants and will kill even children who attempt to cross it.

Why is the United States sending a National Socialist country like Israel 3.8 billion dollars in free money every year? Maybe they should raise their tuitions and tear down that wall, which according to Jewish media, are VERY expensive.

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It is long past time to defund Zionist-Jews from the U.S. welfare system. They are more than capable of borrowing money to fund their own "Defense" if needed.

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Don't forget they're the largest oppressor of women. They even edit women out of press photos

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Israel sounds like a great country.

I will give you a hint of what Americans need to do. 1) get rid of "dual citizen" politicians. 2) get American citizens to be elected on Israeli politics. 3) suppress leftist ideology from the American populace. Israel was actually must more shittier place to live before the right-wing Likud regime came into power. Ultranationalist bloc in Israeli politics having power is actually a quite recent development, historically they were much much weaker. These days you have quite a lot of muslims in the IDF, that wasn't the case before "nationalism" became popularized, which also conveniently increases the number of Soros-hating Israeli jews.

Liberal leftist socjus virtue signaling PC culture ruins countries. That's just how it is and you can't help a country that has too many SJWs. Reduce SJW population and we talk about fixing. It's impossible to have a great nation without suppressing SJWs or being hated by libtards worldwide (Trump having lots of haters is a step in the right direction). Even Netanyahu has a fuckton of liberal jew haters. Liberal/communist ideology is cancerous and must be suppressed at any cost.

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Can you add that Israel has a wall, built by Africans which were sent back to Africa, or EU, when completed? Israel doesn't even let those that build stick around.