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bloody brilliant

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That’s why I have velcro


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You leftist faggots just love painting entire swaths of people with the same huge brush, don't you? Then in the same breath you decry those who see the realities behind niggers, dune coons, and (((globalists))) as being "$THING[ist|phobic] bigots who perpetuate stereotypes."

And then you say niggers, faggots, women, etc. need special treatment to get ahead. You obviously think they're useless, weak, and unable to make it without help from you and your fellow baizuo. So in reality you're a closeted bigot, hiding your own low opinions of those you claim to be "allies" of, lest someone call you the ultimate insult - racist.

Basically, your own hate and self-loathing cause you to project your sins onto others in the hopes you get enough good-boy points to keep Tyrone, Hector, and Abdullah from raping you in the ass when they take over your neighborhood. You're nothing more than a useful idiot, and if your dreams of a leftist utopia ever come true, you will be among the first the komissars dispose of.

tl;dr - Gas yourself, (((@JohnCStevenson))). We know it's just a matter of time before you fuck up, call yourself a niggerfaggot in response to your own comments, and forget to switch accounts.


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The fact that you think there are brilliant political cartoonists tells me that you are the one with the room temperature IQ. No one who is brilliant spends their time making artwork out of social and political commentary that is subsequently ignored by 99.9% of people because it's about blatantly obvious issues that people don't even care about that much in the first place.


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I enjoy the way everything is labelled so I don't need to think about it or have to understand nuance.