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This fuck head should have been charged with attempted murder as well as a hate crime to set precedent to deter other radical democrats and leftists from thinking this will be tolerated. We have already had congressman Rand Paul assaulted and seriously injured and congressman Steve Scalise shot and nearly killed. Something needs to be done to send a strong stern message. I'm not a fan of hate crime laws however we should start giving them a taste of their own medicine and after all such actions are filled with vitriol and hatred. But of course whites assaulted is never considered a hate crime. Only if you are non white, isn't equality great guys.

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“Since words cause stress and stress is damaging to humans, words are violence. We all know the Hate Speech uttered constantly by the Republican Party is damaging to honest hard working Americans who think Love Trumps Hate.. Thus my client is Justified in attacking back anyone who utters Hate Speech like Republicans” Kike Defense Lawyer using the Antifa Strategy in Court for this case.

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"We all know the Hate Speech uttered constantly by the Republican Party..."

That right there is the psy-op programming that the globalists have successfully carried out on the emerging generation of young adults. Someone pulls a knife on another human because of his political view...that is evidence of hate and it didn't come from the Republican Party!

This kike bases his defence on layers of false statements as though they were true. For anyone to begin debating his defence they'd have to first accept these statements as true. Even though this is easy to think about logically, the cancerous programming has been set and far too many people naturally agree with those underlying statements without a proper reality check. Logic is non-existent with these folk and they are clearly the danger to society.

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That's the dumbest shit I've ever heard.

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gun free liberal paradise. In Florida that bitch would have sprung leaks. 9mm leaks

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the word "deranged" is redundant

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Extreme ultra isolated incident, nothing to worry about

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This filthy dem's attorney is claiming -- surprise surprise -- his client acted in self defense.

Fucking idiot. Who here actually thinks this guy is gonna do real time? I have my doubts but I'm willing to be pleasantly surprised.