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Banking and Advertising systems too. No Kikes should be deciding who can and cannot advertise or bank on the net either. Those are two major important instruments in the deplatforming debate. 250,000 democratic Tranny Bots should not be able to crowd out through mass flagging straight white males they do not like from banking and advertising too.


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Nothing's stopping Americans other than fear. I tried making things better but most people are impossible to sell. How do you replace verizon/att/comcast when people want to be sat down and sold on why they should switch?
Do you know I had 150 sales employees and only 13 field-techs and only 2 net-engineers for my ISP? The hours I wasted on salary to expand are just that, a waste. Americans want a deal and don't think about what they're supporting. I'm sad to say but I don't think that'll change in my lifetime, it's only gotten worse and worse.