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I'm good, as long as they protest on the beach.

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...during Florence.

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I am all for pulling down the statue of Silent Sam. The Confederacy brought in all these niggers.

Replace with statue of Nigger Jim from Huck Finn.

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The civil war was not about slavery.

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"it's been a real struggle unlearning the indoctrination of our capitalist society."
Wow that line really stood out for me.

We need to get this out in the face of the normies they are not anti-facists. Since in theory that is what they are. They are anti capitalism and hate what it stands for.
edit: Was looking at her twitter and she retweeted this: "gonna grab a fistful of grave dirt from a confederate cemetery and throw it into the eye of the storm. that will kill the confederacy forever." Wow they are so delusional.

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ANTIFA is communist and always has been. The Jews created communism and usurped power in Russia, murdering millions of Europeans in their efforts to establish control and expand its borders. Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Trotksy, and just about every mouth piece and leader of the soviets was Jewish. Hitler did not demonize the Jew for having Syphilis, rather, he accused them of being communist, controlling the media and the banks, and murder anyone they cannot control. ANTIFA was created by Stalin to counteract the Nazi movement, which was in fact, a reactionary movement respondting to the violence perpetrated by the KDP (german communist party). The Nazis brown shirts was the response to Stalin's ANTIFA. ANTIFA to this day are useful idiots hell bent on creating instability and promoting communism unknowingly for the Jew.