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Pretty sure half of Chinese millennials are converting to Islam today, just so they can be sent to one of these camps for free alcohol and bacon. Those kids have a pretty sardonic sense of humor and love free shit.

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Hey, I also heard that muzzies also like sex segregation. Guess you're going to force me to not only eat bacon (fucking delicious), but to drink lots of forbidden alcohol AND all while mixing with women.

Best prison ever. I agree.

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Yea there's already not enough women in China to go around.. So I doubt that's a part of the prison

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If the Chicoms threw in hookers, blow and cellblock raves, they wouldn’t have enough prison space to house the mushrooming prison population.

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They should be forced to eat the shit from Russian pigs that cleaned up after suicide bombings...

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Not enough. Feed that shit to other pigs, grind up the leftovers from the bombing and mix it with the second course shit. Make them eat it off of plates with their pedo prophets pic

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Well at least theyre doing something...

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This won't work. Islam is a bullshit religion, and all the rules can be bent or broken in the name of jihad. These guys could eat a whole pig and down a bottle of Jack, and as long as they're fighting infidels, Allah won't give a fuck.

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After they die, they are going to meet Christ, and Jesus is going to say, "Allah who? Get the fuck out of here."

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They pray to a fucking black rock. They're going to hell.

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Islamic doctrine: Die with Pork on or in your body you go to hell, permanently.

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Seems eating ribs and pounding shots is better than muslims' idea of reeducation: decapitation or gravity assisted roof glides

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China, not fucking around.

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Diverse food and drink is a good thing.

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Hahaha good. I hope they do make those shitty ragheads suffer.

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