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If I can offer a white pill here...

Yes, you may be right that our ZOG infection has festered to the point where it can no longer be treated. There is a good chance that the U.S. government is a lost cause and will never serve our interests again. But there is a silver lining.

Jews always overplay their hand. It is their destiny to be overcome by their own greed. The entirety of written history is testament to this. Whites still have a huge advantage in our number. More and more of us are waking up to reality every day, largely thanks to the absurd behavior of the jew. Their desperate attempts to censor our message only strengthen it and embolden those of us who preach it.

They can purge us all from social media but that only proves us right. And there's nothing they can do to stop us from spreading our message in person. We don't need our government's cooperation on this. At any given time, depending on the party in office, around half of our citizens already hate the government. As more and more people wake up to the JQ, I think we will see a decline in jewish power.

And if we're really diligent, we might even see an actual shoah. Fingers crossed.

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...well said.

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Bush and the boys had everything in position and ready to go when 9-11 happened. They didn't even hesitate, they just launched the response that they had set up months or years ahead of time. I'm not saying they necessarily knew in advance that 9-11 was going to happen (I'm not saying they didn't know in advance, either), I'm saying they knew there would be some large terrorist attack that would give them the excuse to put into play all the actions they wanted to put into place to limit individual freedoms in America. Without 9-11 they would have run into massive resistance, but after 9-11 Bush was able to push them through with barely a murmur from anybody.

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never attribute to malice that which can be explained by stupidity

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All 9/11 means to me is endless agony for american troops out in the desert and the homeland being invaded

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America has the 2nd Amendment. The HOMELAND will never be invaded.

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its happening right now goy

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Down vote all you like, KIKES. We see you.

We see what you've done. We're going to have to kill you this time. No more labor camps. No more relocation.

Prepare to die.

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They won on December 23, 1913.

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The federal reserve?

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And whites have only fought back against them once in the interim. And lost.

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I will never ever fucking call it "Patriot Day". It's not a fucking goddamn holiday. I hate people who call it patriot day.

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who the fuck ever called it "Patriots Day"? ...but it IS a holiday. It's called False Flag Day.

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Saw on an archived reddit post here those faggots are calling it patriots day.

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I just submitted few threads to the same effect too. Cheers. Nooses for the banksters.

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No, you are wrong, because it's not the Globalists who won, but China communists won. China communists thank 911 very much and really hope Osama bin Laden live for ever, obviously. November 2001 is one of the result of 911.


Believing communists? Are you kidding me? In 1989, they killed more than ten thousand unarmed people in one day, by using machine guns and tanks! They said maybe a little hundreds of people are dead by accident, and they robbed almost all cameras even from Western diplomats without any explanation. In 1998,they said they bought the aircraft carrier Kuznetsov just for gambling business. Now it is well known as China's first aircraft carrier, helping China communists to make ten other aircraft carriers, threatening the small countries around and finally USA. In November 2001, they said they would open China's market to USA, and Chinese consumers have expected American goods for more than ten years,but still hard to buy or much more expensive than in USA, some of who fly to USA shopping. Ok, China consumers lost. USA lost (losing 375.23 billions to China communists just in one year). Only China government won. Ok, some American companies also won,but only freedom lost.