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The real truth is diversity is a weakness, it puts people against each other and a house divided against itself cannot stand. Diversity will ruin the west we are seeing it happen right now...

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Well if we look at a homogeneous place like S.Korea, their engineers at Samsung are having no problems making great technology without any "diversity"

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Exactly because it's not meant to strengthen the nation or the people that already live here. It's almost always used to divide and conquer. I can't see how this whole scenario they have plays out well at all for African Americans. Look at their cities, most of them Democrat and black controlled for decades now. What has been the result? It's so hard for me to watching blacks support black politicians who repeatedly and often put the interests of everyone else in the world before those they were voted in to represent. It makes about as much sense to me as being a white liberal.

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@maddmartigan remember when Willow and Megosh saved you from the crows cage. and you got to bang Sorsha. hot little bitch!

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what jew fuck downvoated me?

fuck you! Willow is a great movie and Maddmartigan is a great warrior! He serves no one!

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Haha yup!

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No wonder Jews promote it ad nauseam.

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Nothing has ever been improved by adding niggers to it

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Sports excluded?

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That’s slaveowners fault for selectively breeding for strength.

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Tree limbs? Lampposts?

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It seems like this diversity is generating conflict.

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He seems pretty smart so he probably is a racist.

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Unity is our strength. Even the left believes that or they would tolerate opposing viewpoints.

Now I beleive a diverse group of people can be short term United for gibs and control.

Long term a diverse group of people can only be United by a Savior they are personally and voluntarily indebted to.

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That's how they do it in Canada.

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"diversity is our strength" is just saying it's bad to have too many white people. the mantra is applied in no other racial scenario.

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Of course he was...

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