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Libs: "No, no, we don't need an economy."

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"Can't we just build a hundred more Starbucks?"

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Most of these ports are completely automated so once they are built they employ maybe a couple of dozen people. These ports are not big employers and they make life miserable for anyone who lives near the train tracks having dozens of coal trains going by all hours of the day and night. I disagree with most of Washington's uber liberal policies but this is a quality of life issue for a lot of people and not a whole lot of upside with so few jobs provided just to give China some cheap energy.

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We'll just give everyone an universal income, paid for by tax increase, that people will be able to pay with the money given to them through the universal income.

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isn't this what the commerce clause is FOR!?

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If you haven't noticed...lefties are in charge of most of the states with ocean access. I am sure this not a coincidence

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Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina are all liberal states now? C'mon son. That's the entire gulf coast and like half the east coast. All pretty damn red.

If you meant to say that the west coast states were blue though, then fair enough.

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New Hampshire and Maine too

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>west coast states were blue

It's like Alaska doesn't exist.

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They sure don't seem to have a problem with IMPORT terminals.

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They complain that the extra business will bring more trains ?

How retarded are they ?

I say, kick them out of the union, and invade.

Coal = oil ... so they're doomed