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How can a Zionist proganda puppet drain any swamp?? Answer, he cant.

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I'll preface this with this:

I like Alex Jones. He makes me laugh. The little snips where he raves about (they) and (them) turning frogs gay is just pure gold for the comedy side. He used to even put some of that Coast-to-Coast Radio stuff on where people are talking about fluoride in the water and weather modification... Although that crap pegs my bullshit meter, it's still funny. More recently, he's taken to spotting and harping on REAL conspiracies between members of the media, big tech, and government gone wild. It's an entertaining (albeit repetitive) show that seems to have truer things to talk about than just weird DARPA projects.

This interview looks like a stunt filled with shills all orchestrated by Alex Jones's company. He has too many well-stitched camera angles and lots of agreeable faces in his conference. I counted FIVE camera angles on him for his video alone, so one has to wonder just how many in that room were actually his. Masterful work. And if what he is saying was even 50% correct, we should be outraged all the same. This country should not have secret hearings about members of the press leading to government requests to Google and Facebook to deny service to particular people. It stinks of dirty, swampy politics.

I'm left wondering what we have left to work with, in a world that doesn't have torches and pitchforks?

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Non participation that's what, ultimately that's all we're left with, and that's also the only answer

Easier said than done, borderline impossible nationwide, since you'll always have a majority of sheep

The whole system needs "our" participation, it needs people to pay for their shit, listen to their shit, believe in their shit, vote for their shit, run their shit

Without people's participation, the system can't work, the so called ruling elite is only parasitic in nature

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=0RoOLml9Anw :

Alex Jones Drains The Swamp! Full DC Press Conference - YouTube

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Pffft..You wanna know the truth about (((alex jones))):

Alex Jones Before Selling Out

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Alex was speaking in front of a lot of cameras and microphones, but I wonder how many members of the corporate media were recording what he was saying? At least he had his own camera crew there to record it all.