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This. Some of you guys were probably too young to remember. It was pretty common to have "play back" over and over and over and over that day. The event was traumatic, but watching the news dwell on it for 4 days straight UNINTERRUPTED was even more damaging. No commercial breaks, no old reruns, certainly no prime time TV, just every station replaying footage from different angles. I was 20 at the time so I remember it very vividly. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it being almost 20 years ago. Its messing with my mind.

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I feel the same. It was like it was being pounded into our heads.

It was the footage - faked or not - of the jumpers which so upset me. Seeing them in their final moments, hurtling towards oblivion, especially the couples holding hands, was profoundly upsetting and damaging

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I have met people who lived 3,000 miles from Ground Zero and were traumatized for life.

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Here i can help you.. i was around 23 at the time. As soon as i had looked into it enough i realised it was an inside job most likely cordinated between the bush crime family and mossad and they used saudi stooges with the ok from the royal family... once you accept this then you can move on a realise who your real enemies are.. then you can watch those eneimies attack your country from every angle and then you sit back and wait and hope ww3 happens..