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Just devil's advocate here: It's possible (probably, even) that the woman was broadcasting in front of a green screen with video playback behind her (and not actually live on the scene). So it's possible that WTC 7 had collapsed, but the video played behind her as she was reporting was delayed.

However, given that the collapse looked exactly like a controlled demolition/implosion, there's no fucking way that was a chance collapse. I remember thinking how amazingly controlled the whole thing looked, all three towers, how they collapsed so absolutely cleanly... I legitimately thought at the time that they brought them down intentionally to avoid having them collapse in an uncontrolled manner (like falling over and crushing city blocks next to them). The official story has never sat well with me.

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This. Some of you guys were probably too young to remember. It was pretty common to have "play back" over and over and over and over that day. The event was traumatic, but watching the news dwell on it for 4 days straight UNINTERRUPTED was even more damaging. No commercial breaks, no old reruns, certainly no prime time TV, just every station replaying footage from different angles. I was 20 at the time so I remember it very vividly. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it being almost 20 years ago. Its messing with my mind.

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Read my post of this same thread. Flight 93 was supposed to hit WTC7 but it did not because it got shot down over PA. So they blew the building to kill all the evidence of placed demo charges.

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An easy way to prove/disprove would be to find the exact time of that broadcast vs. when Building 7 actually fell.

Seeing as everything I’ve seen about this “mishap” says 27 minutes, I’m betting many people have already looked into this.

Edit, never mind, I misread your post. I’m a dumb

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So in your mind maybe the fire fighters and some bomb experts where somehow planting bombs after the planes hit and they pulled them to avoid worse out comes? Im just trying to mentaly wrap my head around what you are saying.

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Were they just showing an old feed, or was the broadcast time really early?

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What most people don't know is that Trump and Podesta are Satan.

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Trippy as fuck

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