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I am spamming this all over the place to piss off the JIDF, I put this in my tiny sub v/presstitues and had 2 DVs within 5 minutes. When you are over the target you start taking flack and those kikes don't want this post to exist (this actually happened btw).

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When you are over the target you start taking flack

That was true, but you also take flack when you're a mundanematt on youtube, or offend a third world village so intensely that you're featured in a "mob burns criminal in the street" video.

As far as the building goes, I don't know. I remember hearing the guy say something about "pulling it", or "we need to pull it". Both (or all) sides of the debate have been such a dumpster fire that I haven't bothered rooting around in there for an old half-eaten cheeseburger that someone might have missed. The video looks weird, but I've seen a lot of weird videos that appear to defy explanation.

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What most people don't know is that Trump and Podesta are Satan.


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