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So by this logic Obama was a citizen via his mother and eligible to run for president.

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It depends on if he was born in Hawaii or Kenya. If in Hawaii, he's American.

If in Kenya, US citizenship law in 1961 was slightly different than now. At that time was that when one parent was a citizen and the other was a foreign national and the child was born outside the US and its territories then the child was a citizen only if the mother had lived in the US for a certain number of years after age 16. Dunham was 18 when she had Obama and had not yet lived in the US for the required number of years after age 16. This was an unintended loophole in the law and Congress changed it, but after Obama was born - and before Ted Cruz was born in 1970.

The minimum residency requirement, it's now one year at any age, is in place to prevent situations where someone is an unwanted bastard foreign child of an american serviceman or tourist. That child is a US citizen, but its citizenship does not propagate a second generation to his own children unless he at some point lives in the US for at least one year. If you don't have the residency requirement, then you would have infinite generations born outside the US with US citizenship and no connection to the US. Also you don't want a radicalized US citizen moving to Yemen or Saudi Arabia, having ISIS kids there and then grandkids then greatgrandkids all somehow non-english speaking non-resident US citizens just because great-grandpa once was a naturalized citizen.

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Thanks. Very informative and makes sense now.