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His birth certificate was reviewed by a forensic analyst expert who after review declared that there were many multiple points of forgery and went as far as identifying the actual birth certificate used to create Obama's forged birth certificate. It really should have been an explosive story but it was swept under the rug harder than a street sweeper.

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Could you link that please?

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Look up investigator Mike Zullo.

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Either way, he lied. And if a man is willing to lie about where he was born, he's probably fine with lying about anything.

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Especially their love for Islam, like the rest of the filthy Globalists. I only wait for the crusades.

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It goes further than that - the Obama admin, the Dems and the IC took cues from Operation Gladio and installed a stay-behind network in our government & IC, complete with MS-13 & Muslim terror cells like the one found in New Mexico, that in the event we get a populist/non-establishment president that wants to clean house, that the president can be undermined via sabotage and leaks - and if that part of the network is routed out and criminals are in danger of going to prison, the Muslim/MS-13 terror cells will be activated to destabilize the country while the crims make their exits. The media will then say the terrorism is being caused by "supporters of the president" or "white supremacists" to shift the blame and cause the government & citizens to crack down on the wrong targets.

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This invalidates his entire presidency. He was anti-America from the start.

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He was anti-America from the start.

He is the opposite of everything America stands for:

He is a nigger, America is a white country.

He is a muslim, America is a christian country.

He is a communist, America is a capitalist country.

If the founding fathers could have guessed that "we, the people" would once elect a communist muslim nigger to rule over the land of the free, they would likely not only given up the idea of democracy, but explicitely banned voting from ever taking place on this soil.

Nigger Obama was a shittest and democracy failed. Time to disenfranchise illiterate apes voting for Obamaphones.

This invalidates his entire presidency.

So why isnt Trump or anybody else with enough influence bringing it up?

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Obama is also a faggot, and America is (or at least used to be) a hetrosexual country.

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Like others have pointed out, he was a manchurian candidate. He was used to destroy America.

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at most he’s a subsaharan cannibal...

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I can picture white people eating people but it’s psychos who use forks and knives and seasoning n shit. I can also picture black people eating people but it’s around a giant fire and they’re screaming nonsense and bangin bongos. DUZ dis make me racis? I surry

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Why do people even question this? The guy went to a church for 19 years where they openly talked about eradicating whites. The only question is who Obama hates more: whites or Jews? He definitely surrounded Israel with hostiles.

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Only on the surface. If you dig an inch you will find that all those hostiles were actually working FOR Israel as part of the Greater Israel project.

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I realize that. Still, how long until that dog gets off its leash? Some of these Saudis are so rich that they're possibly worth a trillion +. Look at the rate they're reproducing, the culture is expanding and Sharia Law Islam is expanding. As much as they've used radical Muslims to destroy the white West, Muslims will never like Jews. No one hates Jews more. What have Ashkenazi jews typically done throughout history? Have they built lasting societies or does their fate usually end in a big ball of self destruction before they pack up and move on to the next country? What happens when they do what they did to Argentina, what they're doing to America, etc.. what happens when that is done to the world? Where will they go? I'm thinking Spaceballs here...

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Hang that nigger

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Republicans have been up in arms about this for years. During the last primary, I pointed out to some of my Republican family members that Ted Cruz, who they supported, was born in Canada, and thus was ineligible to become President. Crickets. Not that I don't think Obama's birth certificate is in all likely hood falsified, I just find it an interesting antecdote about choosing sides, ethics, and the like.

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Cruz gained his American citizenship at birth. He was not later naturalized nor made a citizen retroactively by some law, like was the case with John McCain.

His father Rafael Cruz was a naturalized Canadian citizen at the time. Ted Cruz did not obtain his American citizenship through his father.

Cruz's mother Eleanor Elizabeth Wilson was an adult American citizen when she gave birth to him. He gained his citizenship by virtue of that of his mother.

At the time Cruz was born US citizenship was that having at least one adult parent who was a US citizen conveyed citizenship at birth when one was born in a foreign territory.

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So by this logic Obama was a citizen via his mother and eligible to run for president.

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There was never any question that his American mother gave birth to him in Kenya was there? Like that's not the point of contention that was ever relevant.

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He says he was born in Hawaii, and has produced a birth certificate to that effect...

After the "birther" thing started escalating, the woman who issued the birth certificate (Loretta Fuddy) and should have able to validate it was killed after having initially survived a plane crash. A mysterious diver who was not a passenger was filmed brushing up against her on an air marshal's gopro, and it was later reported that she was the only casualty. The footage is available on YouTube. The victim's brother has expressed skepticism of her official cause of death (heart attack).

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Also ... Fuddy was not just a member but was the US leader of an extremely strange Indonesian cult religion called Subud, which Obama's mother Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro was also a member of.

Check out the various comparisons online between the face of Mohammed Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo, the founder of Subud, and Obama. The faces are nearly identical, showing that Mohammed Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo was the actual father of Obama.

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Link it.

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