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Is this the election interference I have been hearing so much about?

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Male collusion and more specifically white male collusion.

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no. SCOTUS has ruled that corporations are people. Being that Google is a US based corporation, as private US citizens, they may assist or sabotage any candidate in the US on their own PRIVATE servers. Read your terms and conditions before arguing that someone else's property is yours.

edit: I personally do not use social media or use google products. If everyone did the same, then the only issue is protecting our banking finances being frozen from having the wrong political views.

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edit: Can you please tell me what law is that says they can use their corporate servers and not report it as campaign donations?

I plan to file criminal complaints about illegal campaign donations, and do not want to do that if the law is against me.

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its just a tiny small problem.

that they can fuck with your money shows how deep the claws are.

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And failed..

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It's amazing how much money, media, and star power Hillary had behind her. If you ever want proof that money and corruption aren't enough to win an election, just look at the Clinton campaign.

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At this point is anyone needs to be told that Google and FB were actively colluding in favor of Hillary and against Trump then they're not going to listen anyways because they're checking under their bed for Russians.

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Russians is the wolf they cry about to hide their real collusion going on.

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Hey wheres Eric Schmidt ,. he stepped down the day after the Executive Order was signed to seize assets of Human Traffickers ;)

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I'd say he was in North Korea but he's been banned there, too.

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Illegal campaign donations need to be prosecuted.

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The answer is to make google obsolete.

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You mean arresting their entire corporate leadership, seizing their assets and putting them in receivership?

Great Idea.

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Fuck google. Commie pieces of shit should all be killed

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