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He's a working man that has a camera follow him around more than he is a celeb at least in my opinion.

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You're minimizing all the other suffering women endure though, remember this old chestnut?

"Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat." - Some Forgotten Dusty Old Cunt

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Women react emotionally to situations. That's why that cunt had her fee-fees effected by the literal niggerfaggot.

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He did a sunday special interview with ben shapiro a few weeks ago that was pretty interesting. Rowe's a cool dude

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He was always a TV show host, ever since he came out of college in the 80s. He moonlighted as a working man and theres nothing wrong with because he did it in a respectful and endearing way by getting stuck right in, having fun with it and the colorful real people he met.

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Rowe's entire career has been in television/media, he just hasn't inserted his head into his ass like the rest of the industry.

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He grew up and tried but his grandfather basically told him he sucked at it. That's when he got an education and got into opera. He talks about it a bit in the interview he did with Ben Shapiro.