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I'm a chef de cuisine. I had my business literally stolen by a sand nigger landlord. After two years of litigation, the courts said "give him his equipment back", that's it.

So, I had to go get a job. As a chef with ~25 years of experience, I was offered 37k/year at the most expensive restaurant in the city.

37k@55hrs/week = $13/hr

In the mid 90's, I made $18/hr as a Garde Manger.

My last chef position for an employer was in 2005, and my salary was $120k/year.

There is zero point in me working in my field.

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I suspect that sand nigger injects illegal drugs, and engages in autoerotic asphyxiation. You know, it's pretty easy to mess up either of those practices, and the results can be fatal. A massive overdose of heroin, or whatever, leads to unconsciousness, then death. Cops see it all the time. Cutting oxygen to the brain for orgasmic enhancement is treading a very fine line, and there's no recovery from a procedural error. There are a surprising number of cases, but they're usually covered up due to the humiliating nature of the death.

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If it wasn't for your extraneous use of 'u' in words I'd think you were in the US. If you were I'd just fucking spin up an LLC, get some loans, and start a restaurant of your own and do what you love again.

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Man, that's fucking brutal. Would you mind sharing some of details of how your business was fucked over so badly?