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"The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose."

Keep calling mourning people nazis and see what happens, idiots.

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Push it too far and the people will fight back

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Waiting and waiting.

Germans have been feminized. They aren't likely to fight anything.

The few younger German males in the east, maybe, but not the bulk of them.

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They've already destroyed my profession. They are very lucky I have the love of a good woman, or I'd be shooting them already.

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They lost the war.

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.... Going to be mass graves ..... of mourning ?

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If he wasn't a Nazi before he's one now.

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Leftists are the best recruitment material for the Alt-Right

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They always have been.

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The definition of Nazi is expanding at an exponential rate. Soon the entire universe (bar that not contained within the progressive Marxist bubble) will be a Nazi.

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What's amazing is that they don't realize that by doing so, they're literally turning everyone into nazis. It's beautiful, poetically beautiful.

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The sweet sweet redpills be doled out!

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(Hitler rises from grave intensifies)

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This guy literally has nothing to lose. I'd massacre every one of these fuckers

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Or find a young lass to impregnate to keep his line alive. Or both.

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Insulting and taunting a grieving father whose son was murdered by feral non-white Muslim apes?

This is how you eventually trigger a civil war. The paid leftist agitators, the anti-white SJWs, the inbred Muslim retards, the corrupt cops and politicians, and the wealthy (((globalist elites))) are making tactical mistakes. No matter how clever they are at cultural subversion, they're still nihilistic fools....because everyone has a threshold. Everyone has a LIMIT to how much bullshit and oppression they're willing to take.

I wasn't sure about it before, because the media has been HIDING demonstrations and revolts by German citizens......but things will someday EXPLODE. Events like this are just a potential trigger.

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The only thing that makes sense is that they think they win that war.

What the commies have done successfully over the past 50-100 years is use the slow frog boil technique, of pissing off just enough people at a time to take them out as "terrorists" or "extremists". In my mind its like the entire population is sensitive to encroachments upon their freedom of over a certain level.

So they start with the most hardcore freedom lovers and only step on things that they care about, and every year or so widen that gap.

Then either Trump is the biggest shill in human history, or She was never supposed to lose and we're seeing them in full blown panic mode now.

I hope and pray for the latter, and pray that Trump and Q are really on our side. But I don't leave my trust in them. Q says Trust the plan. I say show me the money (perp walks).

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They have no sense of decency.

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This is the Jew's revenge for Germans calling them out on their shenanigans years ago

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Mark my words, (((they))) are going to get what they ask for. A new Hitler will rise and this time he won't believe in half measures, like letting the Jews go to Palestine.

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