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By "groundwork", he just means he left it so fucked up that improvement was the only possibility!

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NOOD status: BIXED!

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I recall him talking about businesses in general and saying," You didn't build that." Seems relevant.

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The economy and especially the housing market was roaring before Obama took office. He's the one that caused it to fail.

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Not entirely true, the mortgage security crisis was actually caused mostly by Clinton. He basically forced mortgage agencies to give loans to people that couldnt afford them just to fill their minority quota. Meanwhile the banks were once again given free reign to work in both the private and commercial investment sectors at the same time. This eventually led to one side of the bank pushing private citizens to take loans they couldnt afford for houses they didnt need at unsustainable adjustable rates, while the other side of the bank was then legally allowed to repackage these shit loans and bully the ratings agencies into rating these tranches as triple a bonds while in reality they were comprised of sub-subprime shit, just so they could then sell these trash securities bonds to their clients as a low risk "Triple A".

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under O, my town had no real construction going on. now we have quite a few condo's and "Nice" apartments going up.

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He's like the type of guy who can't open a jar of pickles and blames the company for making it too tight. But when Trump comes and opens it for him, he will claim that he loosened it up for him already.

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I haven't had my jar of pickles opened in about a day and a half.

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If that's the argument he wants to use then he really didn't do anything at all because Bush laid the groundwork for him.

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that would actually be a consistent opinion. implying that the presidents action in the prior 8 years has a greater impact on the economy than the current presidents actions. i dont agree with that assessment even a little bit, but it is not an inconsistent position to take.

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Frankly this meme is weird to begin with. It's clearly the only position available to him if he honestly thinks that the effects of a previous administration's policy come into full effect in the next terms. I'd go ahead and argue he's right on that front.

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I dont believe that the current trends are due to obama nor do i believe that obamas trends were due to bush. But i also am no economist. I just tend not to believe the filthy nigger that spent 8 years lying and corrupting our govt.

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Funny that it took 8 years to the day since obama came in for the economy to start improving. I'm sure it had nothing to do with Trumps tariffs and trade deals, those only hurt the even stronger economy we would be having right now thanks soley to obama

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Anyone who thinks tariffs improve anything doesn't understand basic economics -- more specifically the concept of comparative advantage. If tariffs were good for the economy, as you suggest, we should be putting heavy tariffs between every state in the US -- or even better, between every county. The tax cuts and the massacre of regulations are what have done the trick, as the cartoonist understands perfectly. It's not a coincidence. Exactly the same thing happened under Reagan.

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I don't mean it like that, I'm just saying that they're acting like everything Trump has done has only hurt the economy but all the economic success we're going through is because of obama

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It actually started to improve a few months after he took office, QE1, QE2, and ObumbledCare [all of which they pin the spending on Bush] plunged it back into the Obama Recession.

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The audacity of nope.

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The modern Left is driven by emotions rather than logic. It is an infection, an infestation.

Hypocrisy is the natural order of business for someone whose only skill is whispering sweet nothings.

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