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The Democrats are bent on overseeing the decline of America. PC is the only thing they care about.

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PC is just a tactic to exterminate white people.

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PC is just a tactic to exterminate white people.

Correct. At root, it's all about race and race hatred of whites. Jews hate and resent white Christians, and they have been trying to get what they perceive as their revenge against us for centuries. It looks like they are finally about to get their cherished wish.

As for blacks, they hate whites as much as Jews, and Jews are using them as pawns in their campaign to demoralize, degrade, and destroy white Christians. Blacks are useful to Jews as street shock troops. Also, it is useful to Jews to direct white anger against blacks rather than against Jews.

But we all know that blacks are being led around by the rings in their noses by the Jews, who created the concepts of white guilt, affirmative action, and white privilege. Jews tell blacks what to think and what to believe; Jews also tell whites what to think and what to believe. They tell blacks to hate and attack whites. They tell whites to be ashamed of being white and to mock Christianity, which is the white religion and a source of moral strength to whites. Jews want to take away that source of strength. Jews control the media, which enables them to insert their social conditioning into the minds of both blacks and whites.

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And extermination of white people is just a tactic to exterminate capitalism.

White people will stop being interesting the moment the US stops being a world power, and the only reason the US is a world power is the power of capitalism.

They arent targetting white people in, say, Argentina, Spain, Estonia, Slovakia, Ukraine, i.e. white socialist losers. It is only the powerful white coutries that are a problem, and the only powerful white countries are the capitalist ones because capitalism is the source of their power.

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You're not wrong.

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They want the entire country in poverty and to lose all hope other than government dependence. The only exempt ones will be the ultra rich, until they slowly steal from them as well. They want all of us to be beneath them and dependent on them, so that we will keep voting them into power to "help" us.

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Democrats are just the puppets of the Zionist, as well as most politicians

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Every Democrat policy is designed to bring about communism. Every Democrat policy is designed to create economic collapse.

When you destroy jobs you create demand for socialism. When you destroy jobs you create crime. When you create crime you create demand for more police. When you create high demand for police to combat the crime you've created, you've created a police state. This further divides the country. When you provide a target for people to direct their anger, it encourages social unrest. Social unrest, crime, and massive poverty encourages social transformation. The intended social transformation is socialism. The purpose of socialism is communism.

The purpose of communism is so that some animals are more equal than others. It will remain so as you have already established a police state via totalitarianism.

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There are more than 17,000 police forces in the United States.

They gave them digital encrypted communications so you can no longer listen in. They are coordinated through FEMA.

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"Never trust a masked man." With Obama's secretive past, sealed college records, fake birth certificate, etc. He pretty much is a masked man. As such, I wouldn't put anything past him.

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He's wearing blackface ffs

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I've wondered about this. His facial features are arab-like, but he's darker than them. I doubt it's make-up though. Maybe tanning?

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It's simple political economics. The left's brand is helping poor people. They appeal to poor people. The more poor people there are, the more left voters there are. Their interest is in increasing the numbers of poor voters. Just like a pharmaceutical company can't get rich on a one-pill cure leaving them to develop lifelong treatments, the left can't keep power if everyone succeeds. There will be no one left to vote for them.

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They appeal to poor lazy people. Poor people who want jobs/promotions vote Republican.

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I mean they target poor people, not that all poor people see appeal in them.

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It is essentially the same formula that gave rise to "blessed are the poor" christianity.

Their interest is in increasing the numbers of poor voters.

Thats why democracy will ultimatively have to go.

If you give useless people the power to vote for productive people's money, they will stop working for a living and start voting for a living, since it is easier than working for a living.

There is absolutely no way to stop socialist redistribution other than taking the life's losers unearned votes. The only reason why they got them in the first place is to make the guy who promised universal suffrage to them win their votes as soon as theyre allowed to vote.

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Only landowners vote: those who pay property tax.

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less money into welfare means more money for a public healthcare system too, you may aswell get something back for your taxes

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Reminder that it was Steve Jobs that said this to Obama. This was not Obama's quote.

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We had such a nice anti-Obama circlejerk going in, and then you had to interrupt it with facts just I was about to shoot my load.

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Well Obama was furthering the policies that made Jobs' claim a reality.

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You're right, Obama isn't a huge pile of shit.

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here let me help you finish that one off, Jobs isn't coming back.

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It was also said by the thinly-disguised Clinton character in Primary Colors in 1998:


Quote comes about 1:05

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Both were paid by the Chinese and were traitors to our country. Bill Clinton was an even bigger traitor since he knew the Chinese were hacking into military and research networks, and were stealing state secrets, with no consequences. That's how he paid back those that early bankrolled his run for the White House.

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and 20 years later the exact same thing happenes to his wife's illegal e-mail server. what are the odds?

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Obama, Hillary, the deep state, the jews, the chinese, the rothschilds, all planned and schemed to move manufacturing to china, india, mexico, vietnam, in order to lower labor costs and bring back 1800's slavery again.

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Obama and the Dimms attack blue collar jobs because they are trying to financially decimate the white middle class.

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"And we also need all these non-whites flooding in to fuel the economy....somehow."

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