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He came out to campaign against trump while no one knows who will be running against trump... it's not about anything other than "fuck trump". The same shit they have been pulling since Trump said he was running for office. They have learned nothing.

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Rahm Emmanuel isn't running for Mayor of Chicago again. Don't be surprised when he throws his hat in the ring. As Obama's first chief of staff, he's well acquainted with the slimy system the libtard party wants to return to.

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The Mayor responsible for the annual massacre in Chicago? Fuck Me, best of luck to him with that hanging around his neck. Might as well paint a target on him.

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You're ignoring the implications of the FISA abuse scandal. He's building his negotiation position for when it becomes a matter of legal trouble/public knowledge that he was involved in the authorization of spying on the Trump campaign based on evidence he knew was illegitimate. He authorized a coup attempt that failed. The blue wave will strengthen his negotiation position.

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Oh, oh-no, don't bring Obumbler in to campaign... aaaaaanyyyyythinnnnng but hiiiiiiim!!! [clutches hand over mouth]

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I just think Obama has a big ego. And he can't let go.

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Probably, it takes a bit of ego to even want to be president. At the same time, I'm pretty sure he's doing this against his own wishes. He was quietly doing things behind the scenes and content doing so, until all these Democrats went on TV talking shit about how Obama wasn't out there boosting interest in candidates.

He has an obligation to people, and those people were getting pissed. Now Obama has to go out, use his speech voice, and repay some of those debts.

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(((obligation to (((people))))))

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God I hope so. Obama seems to have a knack for pissing off republicans. It would be awesome if we could flip 3 or 4 seats so it would be harder for rinos to stop progress.

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I'm voting republican in November, fuck you Obama go die in your homeland cuck

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God, they haven't learned. He literally handed Trump and republicans the white house, and tons of dems jumped off the Obama train before it was cool, because of all the damage he did. Serioisly, he's campaigning for Trump on this one. Then again, I read a Politico article in which he slightly admitted that he caused the dems current situation. Maybe he's a secret righty now.

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In his history of endorsing liberal candidates and its result, we need more Dumbo on the stump.

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Time to put that nigger to jail.

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